Batwoman Production Assistant Paralyzed in On-Set Accident

A production assistant working on the set of Batwoman was seriously injured in a workplace accident.

As reported by the Vancouver Sun, Amanda Smith, who also works as a local comedian, was situated beneath the Georgia Viaduct on March 11 when the bucket of a telehandler was lowered onto her head during filming. Because of traffic noise from the above viaduct, Smith did not hear the machine being lowered, friend Tyler Mazzucco told the Sun.

On a GoFundMe Page set up for Smith, Mazzucco says that Smith underwent emergency spinal surgery, having suffered a burst T-12, and a T-11 ASIA A. Specifically, Smith had “a T-11-T-12 laminectomy” (a surgical operation to remove the back of one or more vertebrae, usually to give access to the spinal cord or to relieve pressure on nerves), “and is fused from T-10-L2.” She reportedly is currently paralyzed, unable to feel anything from the waist down.

A spokesperson for WorkSafeBC (the Workers’ Compensation Board of British Columbia) told the Sun that the agency is investigating the on-set incident.

A rep for Warner Bros. TV, which produces Batwoman, meanwhile said in a statement, “A valued member of the Batwoman production team was recently injured during the preparation of a filming location in Vancouver. Our thoughts are with her for a speedy recovery. We are working closely with WorkSafeBC to provide any and all requested information. We continue to work to protect the health and safety of all our crews, casts and employees.”