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Legacies EP Talks [Spoiler]'s Return, Dark Josie's 'Dangerous' Next Move

Legacies Recap

After escaping a black-and-white world on Thursday’s Legacies, Hope & Co. found themselves navigating some serious gray area.

To help the students of the Salvatore School work through their ongoing issues, Emma transported their collective consciousness into a noir-themed chambre de chasse, a brilliant invention of the real Professor Vardemus. (Side note: “chambre de chasse” is probably my least favorite word in the entire TVD-verse, if only because I have to Google its correct spelling every single time.)

“We explored a lot of different [genre] options,” executive producer Brett Matthews, who wrote this episode along with Mark Ryan Walberg, tells TVLine. “We looked at western, we looked at steam punk and we looked at the Victorian era [before landing on noir].”

What ensued was a classic whodunnit, featuring MG as an ace detective investigating a potential murder plot against Lizzie, now a famous Hollywood starlet. Though everyone learned important lessons about themselves throughout the process — including Lizzie admitting that she’s been too self-centered and MG realizing that he needs to have more faith in himself — the most game-changing revelation was that Dark Josie, who used her magic to overpower and manipulate the experiment, is officially here to stay.

“The next episode is really about the kids at school dealing with the Dark Josie problem, and it is a capital-P Problem,” Matthews tells TVLine. “Dark Josie is going to make her presence known and her want known, and it is going to put all of our characters in a very dangerous situation. She sort of declared herself as a super villain at the end of Episode 14, and in Episode 15, she starts proving why. Episode 15 will bring some pretty bold moves that will have major impacts on the show moving forward.”

On a slightly more upbeat note, this week’s episode revealed that the real Vardemus has been trapped on campus in a gym locker this whole time. His consciousness was also sucked into the chambre de chasse, so when his character died in the noir fantasy, he awoke in the real world.

“We love Alexis [Denisof], and that’s a love affair that goes back to the Buffy days when I was a production assistant,” Matthews says. “It’s a joy to have him around, and he’s been a really good fit, so we really wanted to keep him in our universe. This begins an interesting chapter for that character, certainly. We’re at an exciting tipping point in the season where we’re cresting that last big rollercoaster drop. Now, things start coming together really quickly — and Vardemus is a big part of that.”

Let’s discuss: Did Dark Josie’s explosive exit leave you as shook as the literal structure of the Salvatore School? Drop a comment with your thoughts on this week’s Legacies below.