Carol's Second Act Finale Twist Finds Kelsey Grammer Scrubbing In as [Spoiler] Ahead of Potential Season 2

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The doctor is in, but Frasier Crane he is not.

Carol’s Second Act, which wrapped Season 1 on Thursday, introduced five-time Emmy winner Kelsey Grammer in a potentially recurring role — but before we reveal who he played, let us quickly recap the events that led to his introduction.

In the episode, Drs. Frost and Jacobs gathered everyone for a staff meeting, where it was announced that intern Carol had been selected to present a case during grand rounds. Then, in sad news, Frost confirmed that Loyola Memorial’s 97-year-old chief of staff, Dr. Herman, had died. His position would need to be filled, and the two most likely candidates were Carol’s boyfriend, Dr. Lewis, and the man who secretly pines for her, the aforementioned Frost.

Later on, Lewis asked Carol to reconsider speaking at grand rounds because it could affect his chance of becoming the new chief of staff. (There were already rumors that Carol was afforded the opportunity because she and Lewis are an item, so Carol agreed to renege on the offer.)

Carol came to regret that decision after it was too late to reverse course. After nearly losing a patient because she deferred to Dr. Gilbert despite her best judgment, Carol realized that it was wrong to defer to her boyfriend earlier on; she rolled over and did what Lewis wanted, which cost her an opportunity that she had earned. So she gave Lewis a piece of her mind, then ended their relationship altogether.

It was ultimately revealed that neither Frost nor Lewis would be the next chief of staff. Frost took himself out of the running, and Lewis was passed over in favor of an outside hire. Moments later, Grammer entered and was introduced as Richard Kenny, Carol’s ex-husband! He had come to give their daughter Jenny a birthday gift — and to reveal that he had just been hired as Herman’s successor, much to Carol’s chagrin.

If Carol’s Second Act is picked up for Season 2 — a renewal decision has not yet been made — Grammer will recur throughout the sophomore run. The gig reunites him with Patricia Heaton, with whom he starred on the short-lived Fox sitcom Back to You.

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