Bachelor Finale Recap: Which Girl Is Peter's Mom Begging Him to Choose?

The Bachelor Finale ABC Peter

The Bachelor kicked off a two-part finale on Monday night with Peter still deciding between Hannah Ann and Madison… and his mom clearly has a favorite.

Fresh off dumping Victoria F. last week — poor girl got dumped during the “Women Tell All” reunion! — Peter still can’t make up his mind between his final two ladies (of course), so he zips off to the Australian outback and checks in with his family. He actually shares the whole Madison “intimacy” drama with them — yikes, overshare — and they’re concerned that such a huge issue came up at the very end. (Yeah, us too.) Hannah Ann is first up, and she’s in tears right away, eager to show them how crazy she is for Peter. She and Peter cuddle up (uncomfortably close) on the couch, and Hannah Ann seems to win his family over, but Peter admits to his dad that “my heart is with Maddy as well.” She’s making it hard on him, he adds… and he likes the challenge, apparently!

The Bachelor Madison Peter FinaleMadison arrives, and they’re still doing that dumb “hearts beating” sound effect when she and Peter hug. (That’s a hint, right?) She’s still “frustrated” by their last dinner conversation and by him putting his “needs” above hers. She’s not even sure she wants to keep going with this, but he pleads with her to stay: “I want us to get through this.” They do a lot of whispering that requires subtitles, and she eventually tells him she loves him for the first time. They finally make it inside, and she doesn’t hesitate to spell out their sex drama to his parents, either. (At least they have that in common!) Peter’s brother flat-out asks him if he could wait until marriage to have sex with her — he’s clearly heard stories involving windmills — and even gets Peter to admit he’d be “compromising” himself to be with her. Which is always a great sign.

Peter’s mother alludes to her son’s “lifestyle” (i.e. partying and not going to church), and she and Madison end up having a low-key argument over how different Peter and Madison really are. Madison says it was a “hard, long, exhausting day” (another great sign!), but Peter insists to his dad that “you guys don’t know the Maddy I know”… which sounds like something you say when you’re stuck in a really bad relationship, but OK. Once Madison leaves, Peter finds his mom sobbing, and she tells him straight up: “She’s not there for you” (!). Then she calls Hannah Ann “a gem” and “an angel on Earth” (!!) and pushes him to choose her. Peter gets defensive, but the rest of the family agrees with her, and we see that his mom’s famous sobs are about Hannah Ann: “Don’t let her go… bring her home to us.” He’s made up his mind, though; in a confessional, he says he’s in love with Madison: “I want [her] more than anything.”

The Bachelor Finale Madison PeterPeter meets Madison for their final date, a helicopter tour of a sacred rock in the Australian outback… but she’s starting to think the battle is over and “it’s kind of time to surrender.” During a picnic, she tells him that “I don’t know that we can give each other what we need.” He’s confused — she just told him she would’ve said yes if he proposed, after all — but she says a lot of things have changed since then. Peter is left devastated, and they share one last hug (there’s that heartbeat again!) before he puts her in a white SUV and watches her drive off. On the ride hime, she says she knows it was “the right thing to do”… but she’s still in tears.

The Bachelor Finale Hannah Ann PeterThe next day, a still reeling Peter gets a visit from Chris Harrison, and he’s heartbroken by Madison leaving… but he still says he’s “in love with” Hannah Ann, too?? Huh? An oblivious Hannah Ann arrives for their final date: a visit to a kangaroo sanctuary, where they get to snuggle and feed adorable ‘roos by hand. It’s cute and all, but Peter is still struggling with whether Hannah Ann is right for him or not. She pledges her love to him yet again… but we don’t hear any hearts beating, do we? She senses something is wrong… and that’s confirmed when he shows up for their last night together in a T-shirt and hoodie. (She dressed up for you, fool!)

He tells her this is “bittersweet” (uh-oh) and can’t really look her in the eye when he says this has been “the hardest week of my life.” He tells her his heart is “being pulled in two different directions,” and she admits she’s hurt that he’s not returning the feelings she has for him. “You just seem not completely there like I am,” she says. (Uh, yeah!) He thanks her for being such “a rock” — and hey, when they hug goodbye, we hear those hearts beating! But with his big decision coming up the next day, Hannah Ann’s still a little guarded: “I feel like my heart’s already breaking.”

Alright, Bachelor Nation: Will Peter propose to Hannah Ann? (Or will he chase down Madison instead?) Drop your thoughts on that and everything else Bachelor-related in the comments below.