TV's Wildest Dating Show Concepts, From Chains of Love to Date My Mom

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Yes, Netflix, love is blind… but it’s also pretty ridiculous sometimes, right? Well, at least on reality TV, it is.

Love Is Blind has attracted a lot of buzz for its novel concept — daters meet each other in separate rooms and talk through a wall, and then get engaged without ever seeing what the other person looks like — but it’s hardly the first out-there dating show to hit the small screen. In pursuit of romance (or, let’s be honest, camera time), TV daters have subjected themselves to plenty of outlandish obstacles, with the success of The Bachelor inspiring dozens of increasingly bizarre dating shows. Some vanished after only a handful of airings (R.I.P., Chains of Love) while others are still going strong to this day (welcome back, Temptation Island!).

In honor of Love Is Blind‘s reunion special debuting this week on Netflix, we’re taking a fond look back at some of the wildest dating shows we’ve ever seen. From Date My Mom (yikes) to The Littlest Groom (really?), we can hardly believe some of these ever made it on the air. Check out the gallery to the right — or click here for direct access — for our list of wacky dating shows, and then hit the comments below to remind us of any we might have missed.