Good Girls Sneak Peek: Annie's Seduction Attempt Ends in Disaster

Good Girls‘ Annie has had quite a love life thus far, from a fling with an undercover FBI agent to her rekindled romance with her remarried ex-husband. If those affairs weren’t scandalous enough, wait ’til you see who she tries to bag next.

After Annie (Mae Whitman) was strongly encouraged to see a therapist by her ex-husband and his new wife, she accidentally unleashed her family drama on the wrong Dr. Cohen (though, luckily for her, she found the younger, more age-appropriate one). As a result of their instant chemistry, it was only time before the doc became her next romantic interest, right?


In this sneak peek from “The I in Survivor” (airing Sunday at 10/9c. on NBC), Annie shows up to the ladies’ meeting four minutes late… and wearing the same clothes as the day before. “I can see where this is going, so… just gonna cut it off at the pass. I tried to seduce my therapist, OK? Like, sexually,” she confesses to Beth (Christina Hendricks) and Ruby (Retta). So how’d it turn out? Check out the exclusive clip embedded above for all the hilarious dirt.

What else is in store for this week’s episode? Beth takes a gamble in order to strike a new business deal, but as usual, it has consequences that put the women in an unpleasant position. Meanwhile, Ruby worries that her lifestyle is rubbing off on her kids.

Press PLAY on the video above to see Annie recount her disastrous hook-up attempt, then spill your thoughts on all things Good Girls in the comments!