Hawaii Five-0's Katrina Law Teases Quinn's Secret and an Emotional Series Finale: 'A Lot of Tears Will Be Shed'

Hawaii Five-0 Series Finale Preview

Before Hawaii Five-0 bids viewers a sad aloha next month, viewers will learn a thing or two about Quinn Liu, the former Army staff sergeant who joined the team for what would wind up being the CBS drama’s final season.

TVLine invited Katrina Law, a fan favorite in many (all?) of her TV roles, to set up Quinn’s big/little reveal (as well as in whom she confides this secret), and then tease best she can the series finale itself.

TVLINE | What is Quinn up to this week?
We find out that Quinn, in her former life, before Five-0, was married, and in this episode, her former stepdaughter (played by Siena Agudong) reaches out to her to help her, because her father/my ex-husband has gone missing.

TVLINE | What other sorts things are we going to learn along the way about Quinn’s past?
Well, we’re going to learn a bit more about Quinn and her relationship with her father, and why this marriage may not have worked out and the driving force of basically why Quinn became Five-0 and the reason why her personality was shaped. And you will also get to see her love for her stepdaughter.

TVLINE | Who from the team will Quinn enlist in searching for her ex?
You know, out of all the people that she reaches out to, she decides to reach out to Adam—

TVLINE | No way! He’s been a bit of a no-goodnik lately.
Yeah, Ian [Anthony Dale] and I were laughing about that. I think it’s because the two of them maybe have a bit of a sordid past, so she trusts that he will keep her secret, that he will go along with the ride with no judgments and basically be a great ally to her. This is pretty personal journey for her.


TVLINE | Will this investigation require any gunplay, any heroics, any action/leaping/jumping?
Maybe some smacking some sense into people, but… [Laughs]

Hawaii Five 0 Quinn TaniTVLINE | I’ve been enjoying your and Meaghan Rath’s chemistry, which really comes across onscreen. Do you two have the best time in your scenes together?
Working with Meaghan Rath is great. I personally love the fact that Peter Lenkov and the showrunners at Five-0 have really supported having a female relationship of co-workers just being friends, and have there be no cattiness or sabotage or anything between them. I think that’s so rare on television. Meaghan and I really love working together, knowing that we work well together on and off the screen, so it’s lovely to see that relationship going.

TVLINE | Your Spartacus buddy, Ellen Hollman, guest-starred earlier this season. Was that just serendipity, or did you plant a bug in someone’s ear?
That was serendipity. I mean, Ellen is great, so I’m not surprised that she’s working everything across the board. She’s currently in The Matrix 4, so…. You’re going to be seeing a lot more of her around. It was a lot of fun having a bit of a Spartacus reunion on set, and we definitely checked out Oahu together when we had our downtime.

Hawaii Five-0 Quinn RickTVLINE | We missed out on any Quinn/Rick interaction when he crossed over last week, and I know that Peter was looking forward to occasionally teasing this “inter-show” flirtation. Will the two of them see each other before Five-0 ends?
Well, there is a lot of chemistry between Rick (Magnum P.I.‘s Zachary Knighton) and Quinn, so I think it would be a shame not to see the two of them together, again…. I think Rick definitely piqued Quinn’s interest with his goofiness.

TVLINE | What can you say about the series finale (airing Friday, April 3)? How are we going to be feeling at the end of it?
Oh, I think there are going to be a lot of tears shed, for many reasons. I know the fans are sad to see this iconic show going and having this be the final season. I know that they’ve fallen in love with Alex [O’Loughlin] and Scott [Caan] and the entire team, so I think it’s going to be really difficult to say goodbye. But then on a personal level, we have this beautiful ending scene in which Peter Lenkov and the writers really gave the actors freedom to kind of say what they want and just left it open…. On the day we were filming it, there were a lot of tears being shed, so I’m not going to be surprised if that translates into the audience crying. Besides the tears, it is so action-packed and just chock full of fun. So, before you get to those tears, you’re going to go for a very emotional, action-packed ride.

Arrow Recap Series FinaleTVLINE | Including Arrow, you’ve been in two series finales this year.
I know! I guess I’m “the closer” this year.

TVLINE | You can’t slip in an appearance on The Magicians or Schitt’s Creek?
I know, right? I should just swing by to say hi to them and be like, “Hi, I’m here for you.”

TVLINE | [Arrowverse EP] Marc Guggenheim told me that it was a bit of a close call there, that they were already starting to film Oliver’s funeral and you were still at the airport, coming into Vancouver.
Oh my gosh. Well, I was personally stressing out because I was desperate to be a part of Arrow‘s final season, and I know Guggenheim and everybody was trying so hard to work with me and the schedule of Five-0 and Vancouver…. There were a couple of [previous] times that we thought that I could get over there, but then schedules changed and we had to bail out. But at the last minute, Five-0 basically rearranged our schedule so that they could accommodate Arrow’s schedule, and Arrow did the same thing, where they were writing scenes in for me but then taking them out and doing other stuff.  I’m so thankful that I got to fly in there and do the funeral scene, and to be reunited with all those characters and that entire crew and that world…. That was another one of those sad days, where we’re doing a funeral for Arrow, and those were all real tears everybody was shedding.

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