grown-ish Finale Recap: Who Kissed? And Who's Kissing Cal U Goodbye?

Grownish Recap

Zoey Johnson’s future just became clear-ish.

Thursday’s full-circle spring finale of grown-ish found Yara Shahidi’s character celebrating her 21st birthday. And even though she passed out before she got a chance to officially make her big wish, she still got exactly what she wanted in the end. (Because she’s still Zoey, and this is still grown-ish.)

While taking a much-needed break from the party to contemplate her very existence, Zoey was visited by “Samuel L. Aaron Jackson” (aka Aaron dressed up like Jules from Pulp Fiction), who assured her that she isn’t as big a mess as she thinks. “You’re never malicious, even though you mess up like 99.9999 percent of the time,” he said. “You go above and beyond to fix it, and that means a lot.”

Inspired (and perhaps somewhat misguided) by Aaron’s words of encouragement, Zoey returned to the party, gathering all of her friends in the kitchen for a major announcement: “I’m an adult, and I need to start making some adult decisions. … I’m quitting Cal U.” After all, why should she waste her time studying for a degree when she already has her dream job as Joey Bada$$’ stylist?

No one in Zoey’s inner circle supported her decision, but everyone also knew they were powerless to stop her. A wistful chat with Luca? Didn’t stop her. Manic threats from Dean Telphy? Also didn’t stop her. Hell, not even a long-overdue return kiss from Aaron could reverse Zoey’s life-altering decision.

And speaking of life-altering, Nomi’s water broke while she was FaceTiming with Zoey! It’s baby time, friends!

Also worth discussing…

* I didn’t think I’d want to see Luca in another serious relationship, especially so soon after splitting from Zoey, but I’m really liking him with Jillian. And I loved that their Anti-Muse outfits were mistaken for Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears costumes. (Wasn’t that all of our first thoughts?)

* Speaking of romance, Jazz finally talked about her future with Doug, asking, “While I train for the next six months, will you wait for me?” Real talk: I get that Jazz feels like her relationship is a distraction right now, but does she really think that she’ll just suddenly stop thinking about Doug if they take a break? If anything, I feel like he’ll be on her brain even more.

* As for Ana, it was cute that she thought anyone would care if they saw her kissing Javier at that party.

* And I’m all for running gags, but is this show ever going to give Vivek the other half he so desperately craves?

Your thoughts on grown-ish’s midseason finale? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your full review. Did Zoey make the right choice? Did anyone?