Good Girls Recap: Oooh, Baby!

Good Girls Season 3 Episode 3

Beth may have learned it the hardest way possible: when you try to off a nefarious gang boss, make sure he’s actually dead.

We’ll go out on a limb and assume that Christina Hendricks isn’t leaving Good Girls anytime soon, so how’s Beth going to stay alive when Rio wants revenge? Sunday’s episode marked Step 1 in her survival plan, but she’s not out of the woods just yet. Not even close.

We pick back up with Rio surprising Beth at the bar. She’s stunned in silence as he pulls out all the bullets she shot into his lung, spleen and shoulder. He toasts “to her aim” as she tries to get up to leave, but he stops her. “You’re my girl, so I’m going to take it easy on you. I’ll do it myself,” he says. Beth blurts out that she’s pregnant (she’s got to be faking, right?) and we cut to Beth and Dean in the sack, where she instructs him: “Again.” Is she actually trying to get pregnant to avoid being killed? That’s some defensive strategy!

Ruby and Stan create a safe word for when Ruby conducts business with her gals. “Egg roll,” he repeats. (OK, technically, it’s two words.) They agree the only way their new normal works is if he knows squat.

When the ladies’ money mover gets arrested, they pose as lawyers to get some face-to-face time with their new favorite convict. Their money is stuck in his van, which has now been impounded. Ruby once again asks Stan for help. What’s in the van, he asks? “Egg roll,” she says.

Beth takes a pregnancy test and it comes out negative, which may be a blessing in disguise since this family has four children and serious financial problems, as is. Dean finds Beth’s used tests and is peeved they didn’t have a discussion. “We have a billion kids, Beth. It’s completely insane,” he says, and honestly, the man has a point. He accuses her of using him for a mid-life crisis. “You know what really sucks? For like a second there, we felt like us again,” he tells her, stating flat out that he doesn’t want another baby. This goes against my gut instinct to never, ever feel bad for Dean… but I kind of do feel bad for him. (We’ve come a long way, haven’t we, Good Girls fans?)

At a soccer game, Beth apologizes to Rhea, telling her the truth about her “pregnancy,” only Rhea doesn’t want to hear any of it. “He will kill me when he finds out,” Beth says as she returns the money Rhea loaned her. Rhea walks away without uttering a word. Since we all know Season 3 won’t be Beth’s last, could Rhea be the savior she desperately needs?

The women spend their extra cash bailing out their launderer, only Beth tells them they have to pause the operation. Annie doesn’t take this news lightly; she’s tired of her sister always calling the shots. Beth finally tells them that Rio’s alive, but she worries if they go to the police, they’ll all wind up in prison and she’ll still get shanked. This leads Annie to school them on the difference between shanks and shivs. Her aside is both comical and entirely unhelpful, but it does end with a Postmates order of french fries, the cure-all to any “gang members are trying to kill me” blues.

Rio shows up at Beth’s house insisting they go for a drive. Proving that nothing gets past him, he brings her to a doctor’s office for blood work and an ultrasound. He’s on to her BS, and the glee and villainy is written all over his smarmy face. Shockingly, the doctor tells her she is pregnant. Rio wants a paternity test, but that will have to wait a month. After he exits, Beth sighs and thanks the doc. “Thank your friend,” she replies. Looks like Beth’s con-job is going to buy her some time, after all.

Beth runs into Rhea once again and asks why she helped her. “You’re a mom,” Rhea replies. “But he’s not dumb.” (We never thought he was. Terrifying, yes, but certainly not dumb.) When Beth gets home, she finds Dean staring outside at the backyard. A gangster sits at their picnic bench by order of his boss. “Who’s his boss, Beth?” Dean asks. “There’s something I have to tell you,” she replies.

How long will Beth be able fake this and did you feel bad for Dean… even just a little bit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!