Pennyworth Season 2: James Purefoy Among Several Cast Additions

James Purefoy Pennyworth Season 2

Production is underway on Season 2 of Epix’s Pennyworth, and with that comes the announcement of several cast additions to the Batman prequel series.

English actor James Purefoy, whose many TV credits include Rome, The Following and Hap and Leonard, has joined the Season 2 cast in the role of Captain Gulliver Troy, Alfie’s former SAS Captain. Gulliver Troy is described as a “charismatic, cultured brute and a powerful man of appetites – whether that be drink, women or danger.”

Additionally, Edward Hogg (Harlots, Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands) has been cast as Colonel Salt, a would-be despot/calculating killer masquerading as an obedient civil servant, while Jessye Romeo (Sky One’s Curfew) will play Katie Browning, an idealistic, defiant and wonderfully naive art student whose life is uprooted by civil war.

Ramon Tikaram and Harriet Slater, meanwhile, have been upped to series regulars, reprising their Season 1 roles Detective Inspector Aziz and club singer/budding starlet Sandra Onslow, Alfie’s on-again-off-again girlfriend.

Pennyworth follows Alfred Pennyworth (played by Jack Bannon), a former British SAS soldier in his 20s, who forms a security company in 1960s London and goes to work with young billionaire Thomas Wayne (Ben Aldridge), who has not yet become Bruce Wayne’s father.

In addition to Bannon and Aldridge, Emma Paetz (as Martha Kane), Hainsley Lloyd Bennett (“Bazza”), Ryan Fletcher (“Dave Boy”), Dorothy Atkinson (Mary Pennyworth), and Polly Walker Peggy Sykes) are set to return, as are Jason Flemyng (Lord James Harwood) and multi-award-winning recording artist Paloma Faith (Bet Sykes).