Love Is Blind Couples Had to Keep 'Secret' Their Weddings for How Long?!

Love Is Blind Renewed

Though Netflix’s Love Is Blind is in the pop culture zeitgeist at this moment, the unorthodox dating series was in fact taped quite some time ago. But as the popular wedding-day scripture reading (sorta) goes, “Love is patient, love is blind”…?

In the Netflix series, which premiered earlier this month and releases its finale on Thursday, Feb.27, would-be couples communicate for 10 days without ever seeing other. It is only once a sight-unseen marriage proposal takes place that the two parties get to lay eyes on each other, before spending the next 28 days deciding whether to actually tie the knot… or not.

Contestant Damian Powers, who proposed to someone on the series, recently shared with Refinery29 that production wrapped on the season back on November 15… of the year 2018. Meaning that while the friends and family who were involved in any Love Is Blind couple’s wedding revelry have been privy to the their newlywed status, the good news could not be “broadcast wide” to college chums, hairdressers, Instagram followers and the like until the relationship drama unfolded on Netflix this month — some 15 months later!

As Refinery29 notes, that is in stark contrast to ABC’s Bachelor franchise, which only has a production lead time of about three months.

Are you surprised to learn for how long Love Is Blind was in post-production? Or are you too fixated on the couples’ opaque metal wine glasses?


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