Good Girls Recap: What Would Rio Do?

Good Girls Season 3 Episode 2

Good Girls‘ Rio is alive… but now, he’s officially a free man. A dangerous free man.

Having ordered a hit on Agent Turner (R.I.P.), the back-on-the-streets crime boss has proved there’s nothing he won’t do to settle old scores. Will Rio finally confront Beth face-to-face this week? Let’s find out exactly what kind of trouble our ladies are in for as we break down this week’s episode.

At the top, the show fakes us out with a duo of doorbells. Rio rings the doorbell of… his baby-mama Rhea’s house. Fortunately for Beth (or maybe unfortunately), it’s her mother-in-law, Judith, standing at her door.

Greg and Nancy tell Annie — oh, excuse me — thank Annie for her role in getting them to couples therapy. (Awkward.) Their therapist thinks she could play a part in their “healing” and that Annie is “a tiny bit broken and a little bit lost.” The doctor says they all need to figure their issues out, so Greg uncomfortably offers to cover the cost if Annie wants to start therapy. Mae Whitman’s eyes are like daggers shooting into Greg’s skull in this scene and I’m loving it.

The women find out about Turner and bring flowers to his death site. Annie cracks a few jokes which rubs Ruby the wrong way. Annie then reminds them that he tried to frame Stan and lock them up. She pours one out for Turner, only she’s drinking coffee instead of booze. (“That’s not how that works,” says Ruby.) Beth gets emotional staring at photos of Turner, but snaps out of it. She resolutely states, “I guess we’re back in business.”

And so the ladies start scheming. They know they can create their own counterfeit cash, but how will they wash the money? Beth wonders: What would Rio do? “What if we didn’t use people like us?” she asks her friends. But how ever will they find a seedy character to do their bidding?

Annie goes to see Greg’s therapist and “delivers some straight talk,” explaining that she’s not the reason why Greg cheated on his wife. “It’s not really my fault that he got tired of boning an ice queen who’s idea of getting wild is leaving her bra on for a quickie!” She delivers her diatribe with gumption, only she delivers it to the wrong Dr. Cohen. (Classic, Annie.) The two make googly-eyes at each other as she exits, so this guy is probably sticking around for a bit.

After Dean offends an ex-con they hired to move a grandfather clock, Beth uses it as an opportunity to network. The women now have a shady new employee to launder their money, only he quickly takes them for a ride demanding 50 percent. Since he’s big and very scary (and brought goons with him), they begrudgingly agree.

When it comes time to recoup the real cash, Beth calls her dude, only he’s blowing them off. He’s keeping it all simply because he can (again, he’s very scary). Immediately, Beth wants to “do what he would do.” Annie talks her sister down from wanting to stick a glock down the guy’s throat. “Beth, you’re not a scary gang-banger with throat tats. You’re a mom with a Chinese symbol on your hip you got on spring break.”

Beth seeks vengeance in her own way: she complains to the man’s employer, saying he stole $500 from their house while on the job. She then threatens to bring the issue to his parole officer. Surely enough, the man appears at her house that night with a duffel bag full of cash. He’s not happy about it, but Beth’s boss move earned the “good girls” a handsome payday.

The next day, Beth tells the crew that she wants to take the profits to get more $1 bills, so they can print more money. Annie assures them that, “it’s what he would do,” so their operation is once again back in business.

Annie, realizing she leans on her son too much, returns to Dr. Cohen’s office (the right Dr. Cohen, this time). We’re now taking bets on how long it’ll take the doctor to become Annie’s next fling.

Rhea and Beth decide to catch up over drinks, only when Beth gets to the bar, Rio shows up instead. “Think you might need that drink, huh?” he says. The look on Beth’s face says it all.

Can Beth and Rio put the past behind them or should Beth start running? Sound off in the comments below! 






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