The Rookie Video: To Save Lucy, Nolan Appeals to Rosalind Dyer's Killer Ego

When ABC’s The Rookie resumes its sophomore run this Sunday at 10/9c, the looming question is: Who abducted Officer Lucy Chen, and where is she now?

In the name of getting answers (and pronto!), Officer John Nolan (played by Nathan Fillion) in the exclusive sneak peek above reaches out to, of all people, Rosalind Dyer (guest star Annie Wersching), the serial killer with whom the LAPD was preoccupied when the guy Chen had met up with at a bar doped her drink, then hauled her away in the trunk of his car.

Does Rosalind seem acquainted with Caleb, this rising star of a killer? And even if so, is she willing to play ball with Nolan & Co.? Press play above to see how the rookie appeals to Rosalind’s pride as a serial killer, to get answers.

As part of a larger midseason preview to come, Fillion told TVLine that while the stakes on The Rookie — long dubbed a “light procedural” —  “aren’t typically that high,” Sunday’s episode is one of those times where “we have to dip down into that intensity, and the risk inherent in the job.”

Having worked alongside fellow rookies Chen and Jackson West and their respective TOs for a short while now, “These are people that are important to Nolan’s life, and one of them is in very real danger,” Fillion noted. “So, why is [this crisis] important to Nolan? He doesn’t want his friend to die.”

Elsewhere in this Sunday’s winter premiere: After discovering Wesley (Shawn Ashmore) unconscious from a dangerous cocktail of alcohol and pills, Officer Angela Lopez (Alyssa Diaz) is forced to keep her PTSD-afflicted beau close by.

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