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Legends of Tomorrow Team Talks Latest 'Crisis' Consequence, Bringing 'Iconic' Constantine Comics Story to Screen

Legends of Tomorrow Recap

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Tuesday’s Legends of Tomorrow. Proceed at your own risk!

“Crisis on Infinite Earths” has struck again! During Tuesday’s Legends of Tomorrow, Charlie revealed her connection to a mysterious object known as the Loom of Fate. She told Constantine and Gary that she destroyed the Loom of Fate and scattered the pieces across the multiverse, but recently, she sensed that something had changed and that her past was catching up with her.

Executive producer Phil Klemmer confirms that Charlie’s inkling is another aftereffect of the “Crisis” crossover reset that merged (several of) the Earths into one. The Loom of Fate is “not so well hidden any longer, and it starts a bit of a race to reclaim the bits of our MacGuffin,” Klemmer previews.

Legends of Tomorrow RecapAs the season unravels the Loom of Fate’s significance and its ties to the shapeshifter’s backstory, “we see a new side to Charlie, because she’s forced to confront old demons even though she doesn’t want to,” her portrayer Maisie Richardson-Sellers shares. “We also see her and Constantine create this interesting relationship where they both find out really crucial parts of their history and kind of challenge each other to come to terms with that and to share that with the rest of the group. There [are] some very serious consequences with that.”

Like for starters, the Loom of Fate becomes “a source of conflict” among the Legends, because it “means a lot of things to a lot of different people” on the Waverider, Klemmer reveals. “Everybody has these personal kind of catastrophes in their life, everybody starts coming up with little side agendas, and that really complicates things, because it can’t be all things to all people. We don’t ever want to see our Legends trying to kill each other, but it is very interesting to see them with kind of different goals in a very sort of human sense. If the MacGuffin can only do one thing, of course, everybody’s like, ‘Well, my thing is most important, and then we can worry about yours later,’ and unfortunately, that’s not how it works.”

And it’s not just Charlie who’s trying to outrun fate. The end of this week’s episode also found Constantine coughing up blood after Astra decided to speed up the timing of his eventual death to… right now. “We wanted to give him one of the iconic storylines from the comics, where he gets lung cancer,” EP Grainne Godfree says, “and he’s going to try to do everything he can, in the most John Constantine type way, to get out of it,” all while “wrestling with mortality and all this rich, deep character stuff.”

Incorporating elements of Garth Ennis’ Hellblazer story arc Dangerous Habits into the show was “very, very, very important to [star] Matt Ryan,” Klemmer notes. “He is the world’s leading expert on all things Constantine. In fact, he probably would hand you a book if you’re having trouble remembering something. He has it in his bag at all times.”

Legends of Tomorrow SpoilersFor the writing team, the Constantine storyline is “a balance, because we want to honor [Dangerous Habits], [but] at the same time, we want to break new ground, as well,” Klemmer continues. “Hopefully, we found the right balance with that. But there’s no predicting where we’re headed based on the books,” which were “a great launching point.”

One of the ways Constantine’s plight is uniquely Legends-esque: The brooding master of the dark arts is surrounded by eternal optimist Ray and goofball Gary as he battles for his life in next Tuesday’s installment. Naturally, “John wants to just be miserable and drink alone, and they’re not going to let him do that,” Godfree teases.

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