Amy Poehler Plays a Teen Boy and His Mom on Fox's Duncanville, No Matter How Much the EPs Warned Against It

Amy Poehler will now spend Sundays arguing with herself on national television. The former Parks and Recreation star is pulling double duty as the voices of teen slacker Duncan Harris and his mom Annie on Fox’s Duncanville, premiering tonight at 8:30/7:30c.

And Duncanville has been a long time coming; Poehler first texted now-executive producers Mike and Julie Scully about collaborating on an animated series back in 2016. “We tried to find something that wasn’t already part of the Fox Sunday night lineup,” the Scullys tell TVLine. “The teen characters aren’t that prevalent in the other shows, so it felt like fresh area. We’ve always wanted to try to do something with teenagers.”

As for voicing both Duncan and Annie, Poehler “chose to do that,” Julie says. “We actually tried to discourage that because of the immense responsibility of voicing two main characters, but she just dove right in.” Adds Mike, “We tried to explain that it’s like playing [The Simpsons‘] Homer and Bart at the same time.”

But the reality of Poehler playing two-fifths of the Harris family didn’t hit everyone until the first table read. “It was really fun to watch the executives when they finally realized that Amy was having an argument with herself in the car scene,” Julie recalls. “It was seamless watching her go through the different characters.”

Duncanville‘s voice cast also includes Ty Burrell (Modern Family) as Duncan’s dad Jack, Riki Lindhome (Another Period) as Duncan’s politically active sister Kimberly, Joy Osmanski (Santa Clarita Diet) as Duncan’s baby sister Jing, Rashida Jones (Angie Tribeca) as Mia and Wiz Khalifa (Dickinson) as Mr. Mitch, the coolest teacher in school.

A few familiar voices will also be visiting Duncanville in the coming weeks, including Alice Cooper, Ana Gasteyer and the one… the only… Judge Judy. “Amy’s a giant fan of Judge Judy,” the Scullys tell us.

Hit PLAY on the video above for a first look at Poehler and Poehler in Fox’s Duncanville, then drop a comment with your thoughts on the new animated series below.

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