Did [Spoiler] Just Leave grown-ish?

Grownish Nomi Leaves

Zoey Johnson is officially down one housemate after Thursday’s grown-ish.

The episode began with Nomi returning from an emotional ultrasound appointment, only to be ambushed with a surprise baby shower, courtesy of her well-meaning friends. But before the gang even had a chance to start eating melted chocolate out of diapers (showers are weird!), Nomi dropped a pair of bombshell reveals: Not only has she not decided whether she’s giving her baby up for adoption, but she also wasn’t planning on telling the father that she’s pregnant.

As always, Nomi’s friends were quick to weigh in — whether she wanted to hear it or not — but it was her heart-to-heart chat with a surprisingly non-judgmental Zoey that proved most enlightening for the frightened mother-to-be.

“After today, I realized that whether to keep the baby or place it for adoption, or even whether to tell Phil he’s the father or not — these aren’t choices that any of us can make for you,” Zoey said. “And I know you. It’s easier said than done, but I know you’re going to do what’s right for you.”

In the end, Nomi decided that the best place to make these decisions was back home with her parents. After bidding her friends a tearful goodbye, she hopped in an Uber and made tracks for the airport.

For now, it’s unclear how long Nomi will be away; all we know is that Emily Arlook‘s character isn’t referenced in the next few episode synopses provided by Freeform.

Will you miss Nomi on grown-ish? Drop a comment with your thoughts on her (possibly temporary) departure below.

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