Masked Singer Shocker: The Turtle's 'Original' Identity Revealed

Masked Singer Turtle Identity

An innocent question about The Masked Singer led to a shell of a reveal during the Backstreet Boys’ appearance on Tuesday’s Watch What Happens Live.

When asked if he’s currently competing as the Turtle, AJ McLean replied, “Oh my God, this is still going on? No, because I’m here right now, so I’m clearly not the turtle.” When host Andy Cohen reminded McLean that The Masked Singer is “not a live show,” McLean added, “But still… Even if I was, I wouldn’t tell anyone.”

Then came the big reveal, courtesy of McLean’s bandmate Nick Carter: “I have a confession. I don’t know if I can say this out loud, but the Turtle was created for me. I was possibly going to be on the show.” He confirmed that the costume was offered to him, but “we were busy.”

Fox is not commenting on Carter’s claim that the costume was designed for him.

So, who is hiding inside that slimy shell? The judges — off-base, as usual — seem to think that it’s either Zac Efron, Joey McIntyre or Donnie Wahlberg. Meanwhile, TVLine’s resident Masked Singer expert Kim Roots has her eye on another former teen heartthrob: Jesse McCartney. (Honestly, we can’t judge the panel too harshly for guessing Efron. At least we agree that it’s a Summerland alum.)

If you need a refresher on what the Turtle sounds like, check out one of his performances below. You can also click here to browse our gallery of Season 3 clues and predictions. And be sure to drop a comment with your own guesses for the Turtle’s true identity.