Casting Shake-Ups Ahead? 10 Characters We're Kinda Worried About!

Casting Shake-Ups

We are several months away from hitting publish on our May Sweeps Scorecard, but we already have a (nervous, twitchy) eye on one category: Fatalities.

Last year, we clocked 34 major character deaths (on broadcast shows) during the four-week period that comprises May Sweeps, and there are early signs that May 2020 could surpass that ominous number. Several actors have already announced their intentions to depart their respective series by season’s end, although it’s unclear if they will exit via an airport or a morgue. Meanwhile, there are a handful of characters whose death or departure has been heavily foreshadowed on screen. And then there are those whose lack of screen time has us reading between their non-existent lines of dialogue.

Bottom line: We’re scared, dammit!

Specifically, we are concerned for the 10 individuals featured in the attached gallery (click here for direct access).

Scroll through the slides and then share your own anxiety (or indifference?) in the comments section below.

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