Jonathan Tucker Lands Lead in NBC's Debris Pilot, About Crashed Alien Ship

Pilot Casting Jonathan Tucker

Kingdom alum Jonathan Tucker will be looking into how a crashed UFO is doing a number on us Earthlings, with a lead role in the NBC pilot Debris.

Hailing from Fringe vet J.H. Wyman, Debris follows two agents from two different continents (and wielding two different mindsets) who must work together to investigate when wreckage from a destroyed alien spacecraft has mysterious effects on humankind. Wyman will serve as an EP on the prospective series alongside Jason Hoffs (Edge of Tomorrow).

TVLine has learned that Tucker has been cast as Bryan Beneventi, a headstrong, smart CIA operative currently working on the investigation of strange occurrences — which this surely would qualify as!

Tucker’s many previous TV credits include the gone-to-soon The Black Donnellys, Parenthood, Justified, a starring role in the aforementioned Kingdom, Season 2 of Westworld, Snowfall and, most recently, Showtime’s City on a Hill. He also appears opposite Unbelievable breakout Kaitlyn Dever in the premiere episode of Hulu’s anticipated horror anthology Monsterland.

NBC’s other drama pilot orders for this cycle (see full broadcast pilot list) include Echo (about heroes who investigate crimes by traveling into the past, in the victim’s body), La Brea (about a mysterious sinkhole in L.A. reveals a strange world), the Da Vinci Code prequel Langdon, At That Age (an exploration of an African-American family’s legacy in the wake of a catastrophic event), and Ordinary Joe (following the title character’s three parallel lives after he makes a pivotal choice in his life).

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