America's Got Talent: The Champions Recap: Which Act 'Won' the Finals?

AGT Champions Finale

America’s Got Talent: The Champions called back its final 10 acts on Monday for one last chance to win over the all-powerful superfans. What ensued was a two-hour marathon of fierce determination, incredible skill… and whatever Boogie Storm and Hans did up there.

The winner of Season 2 will be announced next Monday (NBC, 8/7c), so let’s break down each finale performance to determine which ones have the best shot of snagging the “World Champion” title:

ALEXA LAUENBURGER | Let’s hear it for the dogs! These jumping, dancing wonders had Simon Cowell grinning like a goon throughout their entire routine, which was appropriately set to Nicki Minaj’s “Starships.” (Because they, too, were meant to fly.) And when it comes to big finishes, you can’t really go much bigger than an all-dog conga line. Bravo.

DUO TRANSCEND | Determined to impress their young son — and Cowell, who recently told them to up their game — these hot, fearless acrobats had everyone in the audience cringing with delight as they served up their most nerve-wracking trapeze routine yet. For the record, these two + blindfolds – a net = a very stressful situation!

ANGELINA JORDAN | This Norwegian angel returned to the AGT stage with another ethereal rendition of a classic rock song, this time blessing us with a stunning cover of Elton John’s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.” The judges can keep reminding us that she’s only 13 years old, but I refuse to believe it. Watch:

BOOGIE STORM | Considering their controversial road to the finals — Cowell, as you may recall, stole Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer to send them through — these guys had a lot to prove tonight. And while the audience ate up every second of the performance with delighted shrieks, I have to side with Mandel. (“I don’t get it. The dancing’s not fantastic, and there’s no message.”) As for Cowell’s attempt to explain that the message is “hope” because these dancers have flown millions of miles to compete, I have but one question: Does he think these are real Storm Troopers?!

SILHOUETTES | This week’s tearjerker moment came courtesy of Silhouettes, whose routine told the beautiful story of a community coming together to help a poor family move back into its home after being evicted. By the end, even Heidi Klum was in tears. (Unsurprisingly, Cowell remained unmoved. In fact, he was ironically the only judge who couldn’t tell that the Silhouettes were spelling out “kindness” with their bodies.) Watch:

HANS | Like a joke that we’ve let continue for far too long, Hans returned for the finals with another loud, glittery, unimpressive performance, this time turning to Jennifer Lopez’s “Let’s Get Loud” for inspiration. Look, if this show was called America’s Got Confidence, I’d declare Hans the winner right now. But it’s just not. Cowell correctly identified the experience as “torture,” which was actually pretty generous.

TYLER BUTLER-FIGUEROA | Then came this delightful palate cleanser, the exact opposite of a Hans performance — just a 12-year-old boy with a violin, giving us a stunning, stripped-down rendition of “Hallelujah.” No tricks. No gimmicks. No backup dancers. Just talent.

V. UNBEATABLE | Some acts are so high-energy and intense, you get tired just watching them. V. Unbeatable’s bicycle-themed routine for the finals definitely falls into that category. Like, physics? Gravity? What are those?

MARCELITO POMOY | All hail the king of music! After enchanting us with one-man renditions of classic duets like “The Prayer” and “Time to Say Goodbye,” Pomoy brought out the big guns for Monday’s finale: “Beauty and the Beast.” As always, Pomoy’s performance was perfection. Somewhere, Celine Dion is silently nodding her head in approval. Watch:

SANDOU TRIO RUSSIAN BAR | Naturally, AGT saved the fieriest act for last — and I do mean that literally. As if it wasn’t enough that a balancing act was being done over a bed of flaming spikes, the trio topped itself by also lighting the bar on fire!

OK, now that we’ve seen what this season’s final 10 acts have to offer, which one gets your hypothetical vote? (Click here for a closer look at the finalists if needed.) Weigh in via our poll below, then drop a comment with your thoughts on America’s Got Talent: The Champions.