Bachelor's Ghost-Themed Promo Gets Handsy, Scares Up an Oscar Winner

The Bachelor‘s “Pilot Pete” Weber gets a helping hand — many hands, in fact — at the potter’s wheel, in a Ghost-themed promo that aired Sunday night during ABC’s broadcast of the Oscars.

With “Unchained Melody” of course scoring the scene, Peter the bare-chested, would-be potter sits at the wheel to fashion a vase (or, let’s face it, in the end it will be a lumpy ashtray) when hands not belonging to Demi Moore begin snaking around his waist and other parts.

Just as things start to get out of hand and Pete is smeared (but not too much!) with wet clay, a familiar, Academy Award-winning face from Ghost lore shows up to offer up a memorable warning.

Press play above to see the spot-on spoof play out — unless you’re, like, psychic and already know how it ends.

ABC’s The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c, and sometimes serves up five hours in a given week!


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