SNL Video: RuPaul Sees the Future of Drag — and It's Pete Davidson's Chad

On this week’s Saturday Night Live, Pete Davidson’s Chad got a personal, one-on-one lesson in drag from host RuPaul.

Looking for “the future of drag” at a photo shoot, RuPaul set his sights on Chad, noting to the unlikely superstar, “There’s a queen inside of you. All she needs is a crown. Get my gist?” Of course, Chad got a giggle out of the last word’s proximity to “jizz.”

Then it came time to get down to business, as RuPaul took Chad through a three-pronged plan to make him into someone worthy of winning Drag Race. The first step, aka The Tuck, left Chad a little confused as to where his “junk” goes. “Tape it down and back, not up and front,” RuPaul corrected him. For step two, The Look, Chad changed into a shimmery, v-neck gown supplemented by some chicken cutlets.

Completing the transformation was The Face. “Pop your lips like you’re about to kiss,” RuPaul instructed, after which Chad tried to kiss him, not realizing that RuPaul was married and a man.

Finally, it was time to “feel the fantasy” and lip sync in full drag attire. But when Chad tried to “sissy that walk” and face-planted into craft services, it was clear to RuPaul that “some horses were born to run wild.”

An unflappable slacker, Chad as a character made his debut in April 2016, as the pool cleaner lust interest of a conflicted housewife (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus). Since then, his adventures have included fending off the advances of a sexually curious college professor (Benedict Cumberbatch), being courted to lead a fantasy kingdom, drawing heavy bidding at a bachelor auction, tempting a successful surgeon (Jessica Chastain) to consider jettisoning her career, and  frustrating a local serial killer. Prior to this weekend’s appearance, he popped up as a roadie who stirred  all kinds of  desires in Jennifer Lopez.

Press PLAY above to watch video of the drag sketch, then check back Sunday morning for a full recap of the episode.

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