Prodigal Son Video: Malcolm's Latest Visit to Martin Is a Total Nightmare

Apparently, bad dreams run in the Prodigal Son family.

On tonight’s episode of the Fox drama (9/8c), Martin Whitly dreams that he gets a visit from son Malcolm in prison, which would mark the first time they’ve seen each other in weeks. In our exclusive sneak peek (embedded above), their encounter begins pleasantly enough… though the word “pleasant” is always used loosely with these two.

“My little boomerang,” Martin nicknames his son, monologuing about how happy it makes him that Malcolm keeps visiting, even when everyone else in Martin’s life has abandoned him.

But the dream quickly becomes a nightmare for Martin, as Malcolm calls him “a crazy old man” and “a sick lunatic,” before delivering a piece of news so startling, Martin is jolted out of sleep. (On the plus side, Martin doesn’t need to sleep with arm restraints or a mouth guard yet. Small victories!)

Elsewhere in the episode, titled “Wait & Hope,” Malcolm takes a break from his mandated vacation time to track down a killer who’s been inspired by The Count of Monte Cristo (and a very excited Martin helps the NYPD with the case). Meanwhile, Jessica is eager to make her return to the New York social scene.

Watch our exclusive preview of the episode above, then drop a comment with your thoughts!

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