Super Bowl Viewers Cry Foul Over Penalty Flag Confusion — Should NFL Outlaw Yellow Gloves?

Super Bowl Yellow Gloves

Another wardrobe malfunction has Super Bowl watchers crying foul.

During the first half of Sunday’s big game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs, viewers took to social media to lament the confusion caused by a disorienting accessory. We’re referring to the penalty flag-yellow gloves being worn by a handful of Chiefs players.

“Kansas City [defensive players] with the yellow gloves have me thinking there’s a flag in every play,” bemoans @McCarthy2020 on Twitter. Adds @ClaudiaBrogan: “Gosh darn it, those bright yellow KC gloves are driving me a bit nuts. [They look] like a fake penalty flag.”

Scroll down for a sampling of the dissent on Twitter, and then cast your vote in the poll.

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