Good Place Finale Recap: Did Eleanor and Company 'Live' Happily Ever After?

The Good Place Series Finale Eleanor Chidi Michael Janet

The Good Place wrapped up a heavenly four-season run on Thursday… and man, it’s not easy to say goodbye, is it?

The super-sized finale kicks off with Michael — minus his bowtie! — strumming a guitar and recording his song about “a groovy wave of love.” He and Janet join the others at a meeting of the afterlife council — Judge Gen is now hooked on The Leftovers, by the way — and Michael lists off the most recent additions to the Good Place. (The “Where’s the Beef?” lady got in!) 2,242 Jeremy Bearimies later, Janet and Jason cuddle in bed together at Stupid Nick’s Wing Dump… but after Jason plays the perfect game of Madden in the Jacksonville Jaguars’ stadium in front of a roaring crowd, he makes a decision. He and Janet meet the gang at the old neighborhood, and he has an announcement: He’s ready to go through the door and move on.

At his farewell party, Jason DJs while partygoers devour fried chicken — and he even reassembled his old dance crew, Dance Dance Resolution! (And damn, they’re good!) Chidi asks him how he knew it was time to go, and Jason tells him he just had “a calm feeling,” kind of like eating a jalapeño popper that’s the perfect temperature. He made Janet a “J&J” necklace so she won’t forget him, but by the time they walk through the woods and arrive at the final gate, he’s lost it, of course. She reassures him she doesn’t need the necklace, because they’ll be together forever in her memories. (Aw!) They kiss, and Jason sits on a nearby bench, preparing for that final step.

The Good Place Series Finale Tahani323.6 Jeremy Bearimies after that: Tahani has mastered woodworking, thanks to Nick Offerman, and had plenty of quality time with her parents and sister, who are surprisingly nice now. So she’s ready, too: She calls the gang together for a private party that she orchestrated down to every last detail. (She even trained a panda to serve drinks!) After she and Eleanor share a tender hug, she realizes she doesn’t want to go after all. She wants to be an afterlife architect, like Michael. So he gets her a job as an intern where she’ll fetch hot cups of antimatter for the architects — and he gives her a peacock bow tie to wear, too.

661.7 Jeremy Bearimies after that: Eleanor and Chidi are enjoying a blissful afterlife together, reading “garbage books” like The Da Vinci Code and eating pizza with their old friends from Earth. But Eleanor senses Chidi is considering walking through the door and asks Michael and Janet for advice on how to keep him interested. She whisks him off to the Acropolis in Athens, where he geeks out, of course. (“It was like The Avengers, but for super thinkers!”) And when Chidi’s ready to go home, a desperate Eleanor takes him to Paris, where they savor a croissant at his favorite café. He knows what she’s doing, though. He tells her he loves her, but he’s ready to move on, and has been for a while.

The Good Place Series Finale EleanorHe falters when Eleanor cries that she’s been alone her whole life and doesn’t want to be alone now, but during a candlelit dinner, she realizes that making him stay would be selfish: “I owe it to you to let you go.” They share a bottle of wine and some laughs with Michael and Janet and watch one last sunset together, as Chidi shares some cosmic wisdom about how waves come and go, but the ocean’s always there. Eleanor has one final request for him: Say goodbye now, and leave before she wakes up. She wakes up to a sexy calendar full of Chidi beefcake shots… but no Chidi. In the woods, he gives Janet a final hug and walks through the door — and then Jason pops up from behind a tree! (“Funny story!”) He tells Janet he found the necklace and waited a thousand Bearimies for her to come back so he could give it to her. (Aw again!) He puts it on her, gives her a kiss and then runs through the door after Chidi.

3.22 Jeremy Bearimies after that: Michael comes to a council meeting, where Judge Gen tells him his system is working so well that the council has been dissolved. Michael doesn’t know what to do with himself, so Judge Gen advises him to get into podcasts. (“There’s like a billion of them. And they just keep coming!”) Meanwhile, Eleanor visits Mindy at the Medium Place. (She sends away Derek, who has evolved into a dimensionless being after millions of reboots.) The ladies share a beer, and Eleanor tells her she thinks her final mission is sending Mindy through the afterlife system. Mindy likes where she is — “Caring just seems like a lot of work” — but Eleanor knows how she feels and encourages her to actually form bonds with others like she did. She even brings her straight to Tahani, who volunteers to design her tests once she’s certified. Once that’s settled, Eleanor’s ready to go through the door, but Michael sprints past her and tries to go through first… and he doesn’t disappear.

The Good Place Series Finale MichaelJanet says the door is not meant for him, and he frets that he can’t ever leave. Eleanor tries to encourage him to embrace his afterlife, but he resigns himself to puttering around for eternity. So Eleanor brings a new plan to Judge Gen: Janet will turn Michael into a real live human! Eleanor warns him that he won’t know what’s going to happen next down there, but “that’s what makes it special,” he replies. He thanks her profusely, and he and Janet say a tearful goodbye before he steps into human form.

Finally, it’s Eleanor’s turn: She and Janet share a margarita on the bench near the door and reminisce about all the great times they’ve shared in the afterlife. (Janet really liked kissing Jason, it turns out.) Michael’s having a thoroughly human experience down on Earth: He has a big dog named Jason, and he’s learning guitar… from Mary Steenburgen! Eleanor and Janet toast to him, and they wonder what happens on the other side of that door. They don’t know, but “the true joy is in the mystery,” they decide. They hug it out, and Eleanor walks though the door — and down on Earth, a neighbor returns some misplaced mail to Michael (a grocery store rewards card!) and Michael warmly tells him to “take it sleazy.”

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