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The Bold Type's Meghann Fahy Talks Sutton and Richard's Surprise [Spoiler]

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Warning: The following contains spoilers for Thursday’s The Bold Type. Proceed at your own risk!

Congratulations are in order for The Bold Type‘s Sutton and Richard:The couple got engaged during Thursday’s episode!

After having sex in the Safford boardroom, Richard got down on bended knee to propose, but Sutton thought he had other plans. “Richard Hunter, are you going to go down on me in the boardroom?” she asked before he stunned her with a ring and popped the question.

Below, star Meghann Fahy talks about the couple’s fittingly sexy proposal and whether distance — remember, Richard is going to California for his new business venture — will put a damper on their engagement.

TVLINE | Were you surprised by the proposal? Or did you have a feeling that it was coming?
I was actually really surprised. We have, like, whispered about it a little bit in a previous season, and then, you know, storylines change so often and so quickly based on so many different things that it never came to fruition. And then I was sort of like, “Oh, I think they kind of just threw the whole idea away.” But when they brought it back and said, “We’re doing it, and we’re doing it at the very beginning of the season,” I was shocked. I thought it would be more of like an end-of-the-season thing, but we really kind of went right to it.

TVLINE | It’s kind of fitting that he popped the question right after they got it on in the boardroom. It’s just so them.
It’s where they met. It’s where he first saw her and she first saw him. I also think Sutton likes to have sex in places that you technically shouldn’t. That’s just something I imagine about her, and I’m sure Richard knows that, and so he probably thought that she would love it — and she does.

TVLINE | She’s such a refreshing character in how she expresses her sexuality. I feel like this proposal speaks to that, because it is a very sweet proposal, but it also has this sexy twist to it.
Totally, yeah. It’s very them. It’s simple. I think he also probably knew that Sutton wouldn’t want anything too public. [It’s] just the two of them, and it’s just an intimate moment. It sort of perfectly fit both of the characters.

TVLINE | And I love that he asked for Kat and Jane’s blessing. That was very thoughtful.
Very sweet! We loved that little detail. That was something that we kind of talked about beforehand, because there was this scene where I go to show the girls the ring at the end of the episode, and we’re all jumping around. At first, it was like, “Are they going to be surprised?” and I was like, “No. There’s no way they would be surprised. If my best friend was getting engaged, I would know every detail about it.” So then they made it that when I walk into the room and I show them, they were like, “He did it?!” and I was like, “You knew?!” and they were like, “Of course we knew!” Because that’s sort of really how it would go down.

The Bold Type RecapTVLINE | Sutton says yes with no hesitation. Once the engagement starts to sink in, does she have any concerns about how they’re going to do this while they are also sort of in a long-distance relationship?
Yeah, I mean, it’s really stressful, right? They get engaged, and then he sort of leaves. It’s a big stressor on the relationship, but they’ve been through so much, and she loves him enough to want him to be happy, not just in his relationship with her, but in his career, because that’s what she has. And he’s been so supportive of that part of her life throughout their entire relationship. I think for Sutton, it’s really important for her to show up for Richard the way that Richard has shown up for her over and over and over again. She’s kind of like, “You know what? We can make it through this. This is temporary.” I don’t think either one of them plans to really be away from each other for very long. So it’s definitely something that is difficult, but not something that deters either of them from moving forward with the marriage.

TVLINE | Is he coming back to New York? Or is this a situation where he might possibly ask her to move, and would she say yes?
I will say that they definitely do come to a point where they’re so sick of being without each other, that they’re like, “OK, what are our other options?” and there is a discussion that they do have about that.

TVLINE | I want to congratulate you because Sutton is now in the most stable, healthiest relationship on the show.

The Bold Type RecapTVLINE | As that person, does she have any advice for Jane when it comes to her situation with Ryan?
You know, it’s interesting. I feel like Sutton is super supportive, [but] not necessarily an advice giver. I guess they all give each other advice, but I think Sutton approaches things more from the side of acceptance. I kind of operate that way with friends as well, and I appreciate the friends in my life who give that to me, too. It’s so important to have friends in your life who say, “Look, I don’t know what this road looks like for you, but whatever direction you choose, whichever road you want to try, I’ll go with you and hold your hand. And if you want to turn around, we can do that, too.” That kind of acceptance from friends is so freeing for a person. If they make a mistake, they’re still going to be safe and loved, and that’s an environment that Sutton likes to create for Kat and Jane, too.

TVLINE | Finally, now that Sutton is engaged, how does she feel about children? Is that a conversation that she and Richard have?
I’m sure that that is a conversation that they will have. I don’t think that it’s one that they’ve really touched on yet. I see Sutton as such a maternal person, super sensitive. She’d be a great mom. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s something that isn’t simple for her because of her relationship with her mother and the way that she grew up, sort of without a dad. I imagine that the idea of motherhood might be a little bit intimidating for her, but she would make a great mom, and she and Richard together would be amazing parents. So it’ll be fun to see what ends up happening on that front with them later in the season.

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