Jason Biggs Faces American Pie-Level Sex Crisis in Outmatched Sneak Peek

We’ve never fully understood the circle of life until this very moment.

Remember when Eugene Levy’s character walked in on Jason Biggs‘ character making sweet love to a delicious pastry in 1999’s American Pie, resulting in one of pop culture’s most iconic (and uncomfortable) father-son sex talks? Two decades later, it’s now Biggs’ turn to speak with his own on-screen teen about the birds and the bees.

And as you’ll see in TVLine’s exclusive clip from tonight’s Outmatched (Fox, 8:30/7:30c), the passing of time has only made things more complicated. (Seriously, we all remember the trouble Biggs’ character got into with a crappy ’90s web cam — just imagine what he could have done with a 3-D printer.)

Outmatched follows Mike (Biggs) and Kay (Psych‘s Maggie Lawson), a less-than-brilliant couple raising a trio of intellectual prodigies — Nicole (Lost in Oz‘s Ashley Boettcher), Brian (The Grinder‘s Connor Kalopsis) and Marc (The Mick‘s Jack Stanton) — in Atlantic City. Tisha Campbell (My Wife and Kids) also stars as one of Kay’s co-workers at the casino.

Hit PLAY on the video above to watch Mike and Kay make a disturbing discovery about one of their kids’ sex lives, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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