Legacies Recap: Love Takes Flight

Legacies Recap

Love — and a whole lotta lust — was in the air on Thursday’s Legacies, which celebrated Valentine’s Day early with a visit from its horniest monster yet (which, ironically, had no actual horns).

“Cupid” was first spotted gliding over the Salvatore School by Landon, whose desperation to develop actual phoenix powers has reached a new high. Or maybe it’s a new low. I mean, I appreciate his determination, but did he really think that bouncing on a small exercise trampoline would unlock some sort of flying ability?

Then again, Landon made several questionable decisions this week, including charging at the god of love while shouting, “Phoenix powers activate!” Spoiler alert: Nothing was activated. And while Hope tended to other matters, she left Landon to babysit their guest, who effortlessly escaped after realizing that his barrier had no ceiling. (That wasn’t technically Landon’s fault, but it still wasn’t a good look.)

Landon continued his trend of poor life choices by forming a not-so-super supergroup with Wade, Pedro, Jedd and a quirky witch named — wait for it — Drusilla. (Damn, this show really is a love letter to Buffy, isn’t it?) The team was formed to locate Cupid, and it did (!), but not before he feasted on the hearts of a few unsuspecting Mystic Falls townies.

That’s when things got wacky. Well, wackier. After impaling Hope with the “burning love” arrow (very bad!), the monster revealed that he’s actually Cupid’s brother Pothos. And this time, Landon got to play the hero, showing up just in time to sacrifice his heart as Pothos’ next meal. Little did the “heart-eating ass hat” know, Landon had strategically ingested Pothos’ only weakness, ensuring that it would also be his last supper.

After a busy day of saving each other’s lives, Hope and Landon yet again proved the epic-ness of their love by (finally) triggering one of Landon’s latent phoenix powers. The two literally lifted off the ground during their latest cinematic lip lock, and although Landon had some trouble remaining… uh… above the ground, it was still a very nice first flight.

Elsewhere this week…

* Emma told Dorian that she needed to be by Caroline’s side during this twin-scendant crisis, to which Dorian replied, “Caroline can call Bonnie!” We’ve heard the Bennett name invoked on Legacies before, but is this the first time Kat Graham’s Vampire Diaries character has been mentioned directly? That’s fun.

* Speaking of Emma and Dorian, the estranged exes were among Cupid’s first victims, inspiring them to visit City Hall for a quickie wedding. And they would have gotten away with it if Jedd didn’t crash their big day and propose to his teacher. Honestly, we’re not even sure if Emma and Dorian actually went through with the wedding — and neither are they.

* Part of the Sphinx’s prophecy (“A new hero rises, but can be felled by the golden arrow”) came true this week. Not only did “new hero” Landon finally leave the ground, but The Necromancer discovered a golden arrow amongst the booty he swiped from the Salvatore School. And another part of the prophecy has already come to fruition; Dorian believes that “The sins of the father will be visited upon the daughters here and not here” is a reference to the prison world currently inhabited by Lizzie, Josie and Alaric.

* Hope’s plan for MG to seduce Alyssa into revealing the location of the ascendant totally blew up in her face. Everyone’s faces, actually. Not only did Kaleb nearly murder MG for two-timing his sister, but Kym was nearly killed by a supernaturally vengeful Alyssa. Can you blame Kym for deciding to leave Mystic Falls behind? I’m surprised she was so understanding of everything in the first place.

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Landon’s powers? The upcoming Gemini showdown? Drop ’em all in a comment below.

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