The Mel Robbins Show Cancelled, No Season 2 for Syndicated Daytime Series

Mel Robbins Show Cancelled

Daytime television will soon have a vacant slot on the schedule: The Mel Robbins Show has been cancelled after one season in syndication, TVLine has confirmed.

The one-hour talk show, which debuted in September 2019, found motivational speaker and author Robbins offering advice and life strategies to viewers and guests. Production will continue until the Season 1 episode order is complete, with the final installments slated to air in early September.

“Mel has had a positive impact on millions of daytime viewers, and we still strongly believe in her message and the work she is doing,” reads a statement from Sony Pictures Television, which produces the talker. “We are proud of the show and the talented team and thank our partners and launch group at Nexstar, and our advertisers and sponsors, for their exceptional support.”

“It was a privilege to have a platform on television to fight for everyday people,” Robbins added. “I am so proud of the show we created because it serves as a lifeline and daily resource for viewers who are struggling and want more out of their lives. I end every show by saying, ‘I believe in you and your ability to change,’ and with or without this show, I mean it.”

Mel Robbins was one of four major daytime-TV programs to debut last fall. The Kelly Clarkson Show quickly earned a renewal, barely two months after launch, while Tamron Hall got the good word just weeks after that. As for the court show Judge Jerry, sources tell TVLine that it is looking good for a Season 2 order.

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