October Faction Finale Recap: Warlocks, Vampires and One Crazy Battle Royale

October Faction Season 1 Episode 10 Finale

A sinister summoning circle in a season finale? All hell is about to break loose… literally!

When the penultimate episode of Netflix’s October Faction ended, Alice was planning a Warlock-ian coup, scorching a circle into the earth around Gate Night. Her voodoo light show looked pretty, but the dastardly deed quickly revealed itself. She summoned warlock spirits from Harlow (including her husband, Omari, who we now know is the twins’ real dad!) to take over the bodies of Barington folk.

Omari (inside a woman’s body) tells Alice that “this is not our way,” but Alice feels she was spared from death for a reason. “You can’t interfere with the natural order of life and death,” Omari continues. Their Hallmark moment is interrupted by Presidio, which takes everyone down with tranquilizer darts, which I guess is a nicer gesture than blowing their brains out. Edith turns on Fred and Deloris and tranqs them, too. You get a tranq… and you get a tranq… everybody gets a tranq!

Sheriff Gina, fresh outta the hospital, is intent on taking the town back. She finds Moshe who promises he’s not part of “that Fascist army.” He clues them in on the insanity of blood magic threatening the town and then flashes his fangs. Gina’s got a lot to learn, so an unlikely partnership, it is!

Presidio turns the Allen mansion into a containment center. When Fred wakes up, he’s in the mansion, too, only he’s in an alternative reality that Omari calls “limbo.” Alice, on the other hand, is chained up and tortured in the bathroom by Edith, who wants to know what happened to her after Harlow. Turns out Alice joined a band of rebels who imprisoned her underwater where we first found her. “It must be terrifying to live every day in fear knowing how weak you really are,” Alice tells Edith. Edith fires back: “Presidio is gonna analyze every molecule of your DNA and it’s gonna teach us how to kill your kind, and that includes your children.”

Moshe teaches Gina about the world of monsters and monster hunters, and also Presidio. They arrive to the mansion, but when Presidio agents shrug them off, Moshe and Gina start killing their way through the quarantine.

Edith tries to manipulate Viv into helping Presidio’s cause, but Viv doesn’t know who to trust. “You can help us end centuries of violence,” Edith tells her. She says Viv can help them gain knowledge, which will ultimately bring peace, but Viv doesn’t buy the BS.

Deloris and Geoff escape to the secret basement. She tells him Presidio wants to wipe the entire town off the map. Geoff didn’t know Alice was going to go all Necronomicon on everyone, but he doesn’t know who to trust either. Deloris begs him to use his powers to look into the past, where he sees Deloris and Fred saving their lives. “You filled a hole in our lives, but we couldn’t risk Presidio knowing you two were alive,” she says. They hug just as Presidio busts into their hidey-hole.

Fred wrestles with inner demons, mostly stemming from guilt. Omari tells him he can go back and change things, but he has to see things from a new perspective. “You were willing to die for our children…question is, are you willing to live for them?” asks Omari.

Apparently, the power of twinning overturns the chemical reactions of drugs. (K.) When Viv and Geoff finally touch hands, they find Alice who’s in a transportation vehicle with Deloris. Alice and Dee break free and start capping Presidio agents. When Deloris and Edith finally come face to face at gunpoint, Deloris says she’s pretty sure Maggie Allen will let her family be free once Maggie takes control of Presidio. Oh, and plus, Dee has Alice on her side. As Dee walks away, we hear the sounds of Alice choking Edith to death. (Though these days, off-screen kills don’t mean much… especially in a sup’ show!)

With the town back to normal, Gina and Moshe vow to work together to bring Alice down. Maggie, rising in the Presidio ranks, still has Sam and her reincarnated son Seth under lock and key. (Will she be the Big Bad of Season 2?) Deloris visits Fred’s grave and tells him they’re finally on the right side and she’s going to make up for all the wrong they’ve done. Finally, in a trap door below the basement, something is locked up tight. It’s snarling, it’s strong… and it wants out.

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