Batwoman Recap: The Beths Laid Plans

Batwoman Recap 1x11

This week on Batwoman, Beth’s doppelganger got used to the new world she now lives in — and vice versa — before doing what she herself could to play hero and save the day.

Picking up right where last week left off, Kate ignored Beth’s declarations that she is the real deal, roughing her up to the point that Beth grabbed for the pepper spray in her messenger bag and used it on her own sis, before running away. After swinging by Crows Security to confirm that Alice was and still is in custody, Kate worked with Luke and Mary to figure out where this “lookalike” came from, though after Mary exited, Kate and Luke speculated that the collapsed multiverse was to blame. Meaning, on this other Beth’s Earth, something happened (or didn’t) that kept her from morphing into a villain.

Kate tracks fellow birthday girl Beth down at their “place” as kids, that dreeeeeary former waffle stand. After Kate apologizes for the earlier mix-up, Beth confides that she feels out of place, that no one seems to know who she is. Back at The Hold Up, Kate catches up Beth on the multiverse thing, and Beth is a quick learner, studying astrophysics as she does and all. It is in the course of that conversation that Kate realizes what played out differently on Beth’s Earth — that bat mitzvah girl Kate went back and pulled Beth from the car before it plummeted off the bridge, killing their mother.

Because the Wonderland Gang has kidnapped the sons of both the mayor and police commissioner — and despite the fact that the GCPD refuses to signal for Batwoman (because she is a lesbian who gets the job done?) — Kate sets off on her motorcycle to chase a lead, but gets Michael Vaughn’d at an intersection by the Wonderland van. Next thing she knows, she is zip-tied alongside the kidnapped “golden boys” inside a car which Mouse is dousing with gasoline. Mouse phones in his threat to Sophie: release Alice, or else. Over the same phone, Kate slips a coded message to Sophie, saying to not do as Mouse says. Meanwhile, Beth learns that Kate has been A) kidnapped by B) her — meaning, this Earth’s dark-n-twisty version of her. Knowing of Mouse’s demands, Beth has Mary make her up to look like Alice, and give a few pointers along the way (e.g. when in doubt, remark, “Curiouser and curiouser!”). After Luke tracks Kate’s mangled bike, Beth-as-Alice shows up to announce her “freedom” and tell Mouse to thus set the kidnapping victims free. But when Beth fails to give the correct reply to, “Are there tigers and bears nearby?,” Mouse smells a rat and rips off the imposter’s wig, before locking her in the trunk of the soon-to-be-torched car.

Kate, luckily, manages to wrest herself free, whale on the Wonderland Gang, non-fatally impale Mouse on some trusty rebar, and then cut loose the kidnapped guys. Extricating Beth from the trunk is a tricker matter, but refusing to leave her sister behind this time, she perseveres and pulls Beth free before the car goes up in flames. Afterward, Kate, Luke, Mary and Beth get around to celebrating the twins’ birthdays at the bar, where a tipsy Mary — having binged on a huge science-something thesis of Beth’s — rattles off a multiverse theory… before accepting it’s simply the liquor talking. The festive mood screeches to an alarming halt, however, when Beth doubles over in pain, clutching her head — just as Alice, roaming the streets, does same.

Are they suffering the same two-can’t-be-in-one-place problem as Timeless‘ two Lucys?

Elsewhere and also of note in this week’s episode: Locked-up Alice shared with Sophie, via flashbacks, how Caterpillar’s (Mouse’s dad) slaughter of her secret pet kitten, coupled with him then tasking her to take over the gruesome sewing of Mouse’s skin masks, forced her to retreat into an alternate reality where she was “Alice.” After relating that “origin” story, Alice used the fishing line that held together her tattered Alice in Wonderland book to garrote and then shoot dead the guards watching her, before escaping Crows custody.

What did you think of “The Un-Birthday Present”?

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