Baby Yoda Moments, Ranked! 'Soup,' 'Radio Play,' 'Upside Down' and More

Baby Yoda Best Moments

It’s hard to believe it has already been a month since we last laid eyes on the doe-eyed, big-eared face that launched a thousand memes. Speak of course, we do, of The Mandalorian‘s scene stealer colloquially dubbed “Baby Yoda.”

Technically known as the Child (or asset) in the absence of a canonically established name or species, Baby Yoda last November helped Disney+’s flagship series — and TV’s first live-action Star Wars drama — break through the clutter of a #PeakTV era which now boasts north of 530 scripted shows.

Due to super secrecy, the Child caught us (retailers, included!) off guard, revealing itself unto the world in the final moments of the series premiere, as Mando got his own first gander of the highly valuable,  50-year-old asset. In that first glimpse, the tyke was but a slightly fuzzy, rubbery whatnot, nestled snug inside a futuristic, hovering pram. But by the second scene of Episode 2, the Child made clear he was here to charm and delight, sidling up to an injured Mando and raising his itty bitty mitt to… do what, exactly, we back then could only wonder?

Across Season 1, the Child has fiddled with spaceship gadgetry, consumed (and reconsidered) frog-like snacks, gone for rides ominous and adventurous, and on multiple occasions wielded the Force. Which of the moppet’s meme-worthy moments stands as your most favorite? Review our attached gallery (click here for direct access) and then vote in the poll below.

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