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Sabrina Star Reacts to Those Fatal Twists in Episode 7: 'Even If You Die in This World, There's Always Hope'

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Friendly warning, witches: We’re about to spoil Episode 7 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3. If you aren’t caught up, you might want to see yourself out.

The occasional death is to be expected on a show like Sabrina, but the Netflix drama kicked things up several notches in Part 3 by axing half the cast in its penultimate episode.

Not only do Zelda, Prudence and Mambo Marie meet their collective demise at the hands of a vengeful Father Blackwood, but the pagans also murder Robin… and Nick… and Harvey!

Gavin Leatherwood was just as surprised as anyone when he first learned about this massacre while reading the script for Episode 7. “I was like, ‘OK, how are you bringing me back?'” the actor tells TVLike. “Like, everyone’s dead? Surely, you can’t go on without Harvey and Nick. We can’t be dead forever, right?”

“One of our ongoing things is that even if you die in this world, there’s always hope,” he says. “It’s a magical world. You might come back someday. I felt safe enough in the hands of the writers and the crew that they wouldn’t [permanently] kill any of us just yet.”

Leatherwood also says he was “excited” to see Nick turned to stone by the pagans. In fact, he’d love to take the Nick statue home with him, though he isn’t sure where he would put it.

“I’m sure my mom would love to have it, because she’s my biggest fan,” he says. “I’m pretty sure it would scare people if they saw it when they came over.”

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