The Good Doctor's Fiona Gubelmann Dishes on Morgan's Family Drama — Plus: Meet Her Mom! (Video)

There’s a tense family reunion this Monday on The Good Doctor (ABC, 10/9c), when Morgan is confronted by her ailing mother.

Viewers will be introduced to Caroline Reznick (Smallville‘s Annette O’Toole), a famed artist who comes to St. Bonaventure for a consult with Dr. Glassman. In TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek, Morgan is surprised to see Mom at the hospital — and even more surprised when Mom collapses in front of her.

We come to learn that “Morgan is very different than everyone in her family,” portrayer Fiona Gubelmann tells TVLine. “She is not considered to be artistic, the way that her mother, her brother and her sister are, so she doesn’t quite live up to her mother’s standards and her desires for what she wants Morgan to be.”

It’s why Morgan previously felt the need to lie about her parents. When she first joined Melendez’s team, Mom was said to be a Johns Hopkins cardiologist, and Dad an esteemed pathologist. “She has a version of how she wants her family to come across,” Gubelmann clarifies. “She has that fantasy, and that’s… what she puts out there.”

'The Good Doctor' 3x13 - Morgan and ArielIn addition to Caroline, we’ll also meet Morgan’s brother Ariel (played by Downton Abbey‘s Allen Leech), a noted sculptor who has always been tight with Mom, but not with his sister.

“Morgan and Ariel’s relationship is definitely strained,” Gubelmann says. “It’s really challenging for Morgan to feel close to him when she is constantly being compared to him and made to feel lesser than him.”

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