Station 19's New Showrunner Warns: 'There Will Be a Lot More Death'

Station 19 Season 3

Station 19‘s new behind-the-scenes captain intends to keep the Grim Reaper very busy during her tenure.

“There will be a lot more death and unsuccessful rescues this year,” new showrunner Krista Vernoff teases of Season 3, which kicks off tonight at 8/7c on ABC. “There weren’t a lot of deaths in the first two seasons of the show. Much as we are inclined not to save all of the patients on Grey’s Anatomy every week, this season on Station 19 we’re not managing to save everyone every week.”

On her watch, Vernoff adds that the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff will feel “tonally quite different” compared to the Stacy McKee-run first and second seasons. “It’s more dramatic,” she adds. “It’s darker and a little grittier — literally. People are wearing soot a little more; it’s messier.”

Fans can also expect an increase in Grey’s Anatomy crossovers as the two universes become further blended under Vernoff, who in addition to overseeing the firehouse offshoot will continue as showrunner of the mothership. As the EP previously explained to TVLine, “The challenge that was presented to me was this: How do you create a more unified universe and a little bit more in the way of crossovers but also allow… [both shows] to be completely satisfying if you’re only watching one. And so far, I feel really good about what we’re doing.”

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