Legacies Recap: Payback's a Witch

Legacies Recap

The Salvatore School became a battleground on Thursday’s Legacies, as The Necromancer’s monstrous messenger turned every witch, werewolf, vampire and fairy (?!) against one another.

Identified as “an Arabian monster that whispers insecurities and feeds off discord,” the creature ignited an all-out war, pitting Hope against Landon, Dorian against Emma (welcome back!) and everyone else against… well, everyone else.

In fact, the only person seemingly unaffected by the monster’s manipulation was Wade, who theorized that he was misdiagnosed as a witch. During his Coven Day presentation, Wade said he believes that he’s actually a fairy — a theory that turned out to be 100-percent accurate. And were it not for Landon throwing himself at the monster, putting his trust and belief in Wade, we might never have gotten to see him spread those gorgeous wings.

Though Wade was able to stop the creature from destroying the mora miserium, it was merely a temporary solution. Alaric’s suggestion to encase the hourglass in cement and drop it in the lake was met with the appropriate amount of eye rolls from his daughters, but Lizzie had a better plan: work with the school’s witch community to create a new ascendant and trap the damn thing in a prison world. And it worked! A little too well, unfortunately.

Yes, the witches managed to successfully banish the mora miserium to another realm, but they didn’t realize that Alyssa Chang (ugh!) secretly linked the new and old ascendants, rigging them to transport the entire Saltzman family to the prison world created by pint-sized Lizzie and Josie all those years ago. As Alyssa explained to Emma, it was payback for what she and Alaric did to the students — a mystery I expect to unfold further in the coming weeks.

So imagine Alaric, Josie and Lizzie’s collective surprise when they suddenly materialized in the Salvatore Mansion-themed prison world with… Sebastian? (I’m not saying “I told you so,” but I knew Lizzie’s boyfriend wouldn’t willingly leave her behind. Alaric’s got some ‘splaining to do!)

Elsewhere this week…

* Josie experienced another vision of her darker self, this time warning her not to let the mora miserium break. And while I normally root for the good guys on this show, that vision has me curious about Josie’s potential darkness. Say it with me now: Let! It! Break!

* Hope thought she was doing the right thing by sharing her honest concerns with Landon (“I don’t want you to be the hero — the hero’s never the one left standing”), but her doubt in his fighting abilities only hurt him. And possibly their relationship.

* Alaric scheduled his first official date with Sheriff Mac, and assuming he’s able to escape the prison world at some point, I’m sure they’ll have a lovely time.

Your thoughts on this week’s fairy surprising episode of Legacies? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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