grown-ish Reveals the Story Behind [Spoiler]'s Unexpected Pregnancy, Including the Identity of the Father

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Last week’s grown-ish premiere may have revealed which of Zoey’s roommates is with child, but that answer only left viewers with more questions. Thursday’s follow-up episode filled in a few crucial blanks, offering a more complete look at Nomi’s major life change.

Let’s start with the baby’s father: Drumroll please… Phil! Yup, just some guy named Phil. And here’s how it all went down, in Nomi’s own words:

“After I ended things with Paige, I met up with Zoey for margaritas. So many margaritas. And after she left, I stayed and kind of met a guy and kind of went home with him. And then I kind of slipped and, you know, fell on the D. And that concludes the informational portion of this meeting.”

No, really, that’s all the information she gave her roommates after showing up five-months pregnant. And the situation got even more complicated when it was revealed that Nomi told Luca about her pregnancy over the summer, which sent Zoey into a spiral of confusion and self-doubt. You’ve got to hand it to Zoey — it takes a special kind of person to make someone else’s difficult secret all about herself.

A late-night chat with Luca — who has already moved on big time — helped Zoey to understand Nomi’s point of view. More specifically, she needed to speak with someone who wouldn’t judge her for making a mistake, and that someone was not Zoey. And can you blame Nomi? Let’s not forget that Zoey’s immediate response to Nomi’s pregnancy was straight-up asking her why she didn’t get an abortion.

Fortunately, the roommates were able to have an honest conversation at the end of episode, in which Nomi confessed that her chill approach to this pregnancy is merely a front for how scared she really is. The two hugged it out, and all is well. (For now.)

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