America's Got Talent: The Champions Recap: Which Beloved Group Danced Into the Semifinals in Week 3?

AGT Champions Recap

Following a series of questionable decisions, the America’s Got Talent judges returned for Week 3 of The Champions on Monday. And this time, no one made me want to throw a chair at my TV. That’ progress!

The power of the Golden Buzzer returned to Howie Mandel this week, though Simon Cowell warned him, “You’d better be quicker than me this time.” (Seriously, we don’t need another Boogie Storm-level act slipping through the cracks because Cowell can’t control his impulses.) Fortunately, Mandel was quick enough this time, hitting — er, sitting on — the coveted Golden Buzzer after watching another incredible performance from acrobatic dance group V. Unbeatable.

Congratulations are also in order for young violinist Tyler Butler-Figueroa, who served a funked-up rendition of Blanco Brown’s “The Git Up,” as well as the high-flying Duo Destiny, whose gravity-defying audition was somehow equal parts romantic and nerve-wracking. Both of those acts were given safe passage to the semifinals by the AGT super fans.

Speaking of nerve-wracking experiences, the first act of the night — Alexa Lauenberger and her eight dogs a-leaping — had to wait until the episode’s final moment to learn that she was going through to the semifinals. The judges unanimously picked her over underwhelming dance trio Quick Style and soulful singer Michael Grimm. It was a tough call, but I give the judges my blessing… for whatever that’s worth.

Sadly, four other acts also reached the end of their AGT journey tonight: magician Ben Hart, whose rice-and-water trick was a little pedestrian for The Champions; Freckled Sky, whose well-intended puppet show earned one of the few X’s of the night; Miki Dark, who pulled a Sinead O’Connor by ripping up a picture of Cowell; and Moses Concas, whose harmonica skills — while impressive — weren’t music to the fans’ ears.

Click here for a closer look at AGT‘s previously announced semifinalists for Season 2 of The Champions, then drop a comment with your thoughts below. Did your favorite acts make it through tonight?