The 'Crisis' Mystery You Maybe Didn't Even Pick Up on Has Been Solved

Crisis Infinite Earths Mystery

Slip on your chest protector and strap on your shin guards, because some inside baseball is hurtling your way, Arrowverrse fans.

Long before the five-part “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover even got underway, eagle-eyed fans latched onto a burning question — and now, days after the finale aired, it has been answered.

As early as Nov. 10, fans were tweeting at Arrowverse EP Marc Guggenheim, asking why, in the “Crisis” logo, Oliver Queen was oddly absent. As seen in the original logo above, you had Legends of Tomorrow‘s Sara inside the letter C, followed by The Flash (R), the Monitor (I), Supergirl (in the first S) and Batwoman (in the second I). Then, inside the second S, you had Arrow represented by… an inanimate arrowhead from the series’ title card.

Back then, Guggenheim shared on Twitter only that, “Believe it or not… legal and financial issues” were to blame for Oliver’s omission. “The number of things — little things — that #$@% us up constantly… you can’t imagine,” he presumably grumbled from behind the keyboard.

Eventually, the “Crisis” logo switched over to a version (below) that did feature Stephen Amell’s emerald archer inside that second letter S.

So, what changed? Guggenheim at first merely hinted that a “loophole” had been found which allowed the inclusion of the actual Green Arrow. But this past week, with the crossover event fully aired, he was able to elaborate the legal problem.

“At first I was told only actors appearing in all five hours could be in the main title card. Stephen, as you now know, wasn’t in Hour 5 (a fact I obviously couldn’t spoil),” Guggenheim said. “Then the legal eagles figured out a workaround.” (To those who then noted that the Monitor wasn’t in Part 5 either, Guggenheim noted that LaMonica Garrett was, as the Anti-Monitor.)

Were you among those who who noticed and were puzzled by an arrowhead graphic displacing Oliver Queen?

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