Sex Education Season 2 Finale Recap: Growing Up Is Hard to Do — Grade It!

Sex Education Season 2 Episode 8 Finale

It’s been another sexy, albeit, blunder-filled season of Sex Education and the final episode is no different. As we close out the pint-sized sophomore string, lets dive into the deets by character as we inch closer to that cliffhanger and a (fingers crossed!) potential third season.

Ola and Lily | Now that Ola has figured out her pansexuality, she and Lily are together, but not without problems of their own. The girls work through Lily’s vaginismus issues and ultimately seem happy to have and explore each other, despite Lily’s early unrequited feelings following their first kiss. Clearly, this series was never going to be the Otis and Ola Show, but it’s nice to see a new side of Ola and another sector of sexuality explored.

Adam | Adam continues trying to find his place in the world, asking his dad if he can return to school only to be rejected by a man who can’t be bothered by his own son. Adam also tries to get his job back at the convenience store. When Ola goes to bat for him by telling their boss that she forgot to report a broken key, they’re both shown the door. Ola doesn’t seem to mind; Adam is her friend and she loves him. “No one’s ever said I was their friend before,” he says as he scoops her up and holds her tight. I’ve been working overtime trying to dislike Adam, but it’s hard not to feel for the kid.

Eric, Rahim… and Adam! | As with Ola and Otis, it seems Eric and Rahim weren’t built to last either. It only takes one tall and lanky ex-military-school student to come between their physical attraction (Adam…I’m talking about Adam). Before the play, Eric apologies for what he said to Adam at the party and Adam replies, “I understand I hurt you. I just wanted you to know that.” The look on Eric’s face says it all. Then, Adam jumps on stage and very publicly asks Eric to hold his hand. Welp, it was nice knowing ya, Rahim! Our boy has chosen.

Jackson and Viv | …make up after Viv intervened by telling his moms about his self harm. The friendship between these two has been heartwarming; they were two unlikely buds from separate parts of the school, and their embrace at the end gives me all kinds of feels. As shown with Ola and Adam, platonic love is just as important as sexual.

Maeve and Mom | We all knew this hammer was going to drop eventually. It really seemed like Erin was going to get on the straight-and-narrow, but it takes just one relapse for Maeve to report her mom for child endangerment. Maeve is such a compelling character; her hard exterior is fortified by years of neglect and abandonment. Emma Mackey plays these scenes beautifully with her heavy eyes and subtly-quivering lips. Her mom’s breakdown when authorities arrive is brutal. Erin feels betrayed, but considering Maeve’s past, can we blame her?

All Things Jean | I’m ecstatic to see Gillian Anderson take more of a spotlight this year, and Jean certainly underwent her own drama. Sure, she and Jakob broke up, but it was Jean’s fractured relationship with Otis that made the most waves. Otis accuses Jean of rejecting Jakob and him, but she fires back. “As the primary carer, I always get your worst and I’m tired of it,” she tells her son. “It’s not my fault Dad left,” he woefully replies. Later, when the headmaster tries to vilify Jean during the school play, Otis fights back. “My mom is an excellent therapist and she cares about people. She only wants what’s best for them. Which is why she’s also such an amazing parent.” Mom and Otis plan to patch things up further, while Otis says he’s “cool with it” if she wants to reconnect with Jakob. Good thing, because she’s pregnant with Jakob’s child!

“Maevis,” on Hold  | Otis heads to Meave’s to spill his heart after a season full of missed connections, but she’s not home. He tells her new friend Isaac to have her check her messages. In a voicemail, he tells her how proud of her he is and how stupid he’s been. “I was so caught up in trying to do the right thing, I lost track of what that actually is… It’s always been you. I love you, Maeve.” And with that, Isaac hits “Delete” and immediately crushes Sex Education fans worldwide. “Maevis” will have to wait until Season 3.

Bonus Bits:

* This advice from Adam’s mom: “You have to let the people you love know that you love them even if it causes you a great deal of pain.” When he asks why, she responds, “Because you’re alive.” We can all learn a thing or two from Maureen.

* Eric tells Rahim, “People that hate musicals have no soul!” Agree or disagree?

* Aimee’s sexual assault was a tough story to watch, but an important one to tell. The scene with her friends surprising her at the bus stop was a touching end to her painful experience (“It’s just a stupid bus.”). Everyone deserves friends that supportive.

* Drunk Otis!

Now it’s your turn — grade the finale and season below, then hit us with your comments!

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