Dynasty's Elaine Hendrix Talks Bringing Alexis Carrington Colby (Back) to Life: 'I'm Ready to Burn It All Down' — Watch

When Dynasty‘s third season resumes tonight (The CW, 9/8c), Alexis Carrington Colby will have a new attitude to match her new face.

“[The producers] encouraged me to make it my own, and I have been,” Elaine Hendrix tells TVLine, describing her take on the iconic character as “a throwback to the OG Dynasty, while also honoring the tone of what’s happening now. I’m really thinking about what drives Alexis. She’s a survivor, and she loves her kids. With those two elements alone, she’ll do anything to anyone anywhere at any time.”

Though Hendrix technically made her Dynasty debut at the tail end of the fall finale, tonight’s episode gives the audience — and Fallon, as you can see in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek above — a better idea of what to expect from Alexis in her final form.

“I keep going back to the word ruthless,” she says. “I’m just ready to be ruthless. I posted online the other day about how Khaleesi had the right idea on Game of Thrones. I’m ready to burn it all down.”

As for the true nature of Alexis’ sudden relationship with Jeff Colby — her new husband! — Hendrix says you’ll probably get a different story “depending on who you ask and which P.O.V. you’re coming from. They’re putting it out there to the world that they love each other, but of course nobody believes them. Personally, I think she really does care about Jeff.”

Hendrix would also like to get a few things straight about Alexis and Jeff: “People online keep referring to him as her son, and I’m like, ‘He’s not her son!’ Blake always knew that he was related to Jeff, but Alexis never knew — and she’s not related to him.” She also says that while this marriage is a nod to Alexis’ union with Cecil Colby on the original Dynasty, she’s crossing her fingers that history doesn’t repeat itself: “Cecil dies in the original! I love Sam Adegoke, so I’m really hoping the same thing doesn’t happen to Jeff.”

Hit PLAY on the video above for an exclusive sneak peek at Alexis’ uncomfortable run-in with Fallon, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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