When The Mandalorian's Baby Yoda Met Star Wars Creator George Lucas....

Baby Yoda George Lucas

We have nothing really to say here other than, “Baby Yoda has met George Lucas” — or vice versa, depending on whether you regard The Mandalorian‘s scene-stealing child as a sentient object or not.

Jon Favreau, creator, executive producer and sometime writer on Disney+’s flagship live-action series, on Thursday night tweeted out a (sadly blurry) photo of Lucas (embedded below) on set cradling the moppet that launched 1,000 memes.

It is unclear if the photo is of Lucas on-set during production on Season 2 (which actually commenced filming back in November, before Season 1 even premiered), or if this is from when he first visited the set back during Season 1 (though his plaid shirt of choice there seemed to be sliiightly different).

Discussing any influence that Star Wars‘ sire might have had on the franchise’s first live-action series, Favreau previously told GQ Middle East, “We had a long talk with each other…. One thing [George] said to me was, ’Remember, Jon, the real audience for all stories and all myths is the kids that are coming of age.'”

Disney CEO Bob Iger, meanwhile, said that the hard-to-please Lucas, never one shy to shine faint (if any) praise on the new Star Wars films, “has been fine” about the streaming series, ever since his visit to set.

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