Supernatural Recap: Chuck Shows Sam the Winchesters' Future — and It's Bad

Supernatural Recap

Sam got a glimpse of his and Dean’s future on Thursday’s Supernatural — or at least a glimpse of some other Winchesters’ fates.

After turning Eileen against Sam, Chuck can’t understand how Sammy is still so defiant in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. Sam explains that he’s been on the rack before. “Hope. That’s what’s stopping me,” Chuck realizes. “You still think you’re the hero of this story. You still think you can win.”

So Chuck decides to show Sam what happens after he and Dean defeat God: It’s Jan. 6, 2021, and the monsters are winning. The mark made Cas go so crazy that Dean had to bury him. And after losing most of their loved ones, including Claire and Eileen, Dean is ready to quit the job. Back in the present, Sam refuses to believe that his brother would ever give up, so Chuck fast-forwards to Nov. 3, 2021, when Sam declares he’s going after a vamps’ nest. Despite his earlier stance, Dean joins him. Skip ahead to Dec. 9, 2022, and Bobby and Jody are hunting Dean and Sam, who have become vamps! Jody shoots Sam, so Dean kills her.

Chuck claims that Dean and Sam matter to him, and he wants better for them than this, but with him gone, monsters will rule. So when Dean and Cas show up with the weapon to trap Chuck, Sam hesitates to use it. And now that Sam has lost hope, Chuck is free of their shared bullet wound connection. But it turns out the visions are Chuck’s memories of Deans and Sams from other worlds. Our Dean insists to Chuck that this Dean and Sam will never give him the ending he wants, even though their doppelgängers made the same claim and failed to live up to it.

Back at the bunker, Sam tells Dean that he believes what Chuck said about monsters taking over. “That’s good enough for me,” Dean replies, vowing to find another way to stop Chuck. Cue Jack in The Empty, being told by Billie, “It’s time.”

A few other highlights from the episode:

Supernatural Recap* Dean and Cas finally make amends after the former tearfully prays to his friend: “I should have stopped you. You’re my best friend, and I just let you go because that was easier than admitting that I was wrong. … I forgive you. I’m sorry it took so long. Cas, I’m so sorry. I hope you can hear me.” He did hear him.

* Eileen decides to leave the bunker since the whole Chuck fiasco has left her questioning what’s real. Sam kisses her, then says, “I know that was real.”

* While forging the weapon to stop Chuck, Cas takes on the mark, which can’t be good, right? I mean, we saw what happened to the other Cas in Chuck’s visions… Or do you trust the memories as far as you can throw Chuck?

* A leviathan gives Dean a sad update on his pal Benny’s whereabouts in purgatory: he was killed by his own kind.

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