Katheryn Winnick Previews Vikings Funeral: 'I Couldn't Watch, I Would've Been in Tears' — Get a Sneak Peek

One of Vikings‘ most epic funerals is equal parts hot (as in fire)… and cold (as in ice).

The following contains spoilers from the Jan. 8 episode of Vikings.

In the wake of Lagertha’s tragic death in Season 6, Episode 6 of the History saga, this Wednesday at 10/9c it will be time to usher the shield maiden and onetime queen off to to the halls of the gods. And in the exclusive sneak peek above, you get a small taste of the pageantry involved.

“[Series creator] Michael Hirst wrote this beautiful [funeral] with all the shield maidens pulling [the floating pyre] through the broken snow, so I can go to Valhalla,” Winnick shared with TVLine.

Although the actress herself was not supine inside said ship, “I came on set because I was preparing to direct [the next episode] and it was so surreal because I really walked into my own funeral. It was weird to see the prosthetic me lying there,” she continued. “Even though I didn’t get to have tears in my actual final scene, I couldn’t last [at the funeral shoot] because I would’ve been in tears. To see everybody at your funeral and you’re watching yourself is a bit of a out-of-body experience.”

Winnick also let slip that an incredibly moving speech that Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) gives at his mother’s funeral almost didn’t happen. “Originally, he was not written to be a part of my funeral, believe it or not. He had no speech, nothing,” she said. (A History rep confirms that Hirst “played with some scenarios but quickly realized Bjorn had to be there, and had to make a speech.”) As Winnick put it, “It was so important for his arc, especially because of where he’s going to go.’

Will Lagertha, as she has romantically waxed, in fact reunite on-screen with Ragnar in the afterlife? Tune in Wednesday at 10/9c, for “The Ice Maiden,” for the answer to that.

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