New Amsterdam Sneak Peek: Bloom Faces a Painful Crisis During Lockdown

New Amsterdam‘s hospital lockdown is just the beginning of Dr. Bloom’s many painful problems in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek from this Tuesday’s winter premiere (NBC, 10/9c).

Following the escape of the Rikers patients, the facility goes into “Code Silver” mode, which is how Bloom and Dr. Ligon find themselves locked in a room with a young woman suffering severe abdominal pain. After having Ligon wheel her over to the patient’s bed, Bloom — who’s in a great deal of pain herself — realizes that she’s dealing with a case of an appendix that is ready to burst.

The doctors are “thrust in an impossible situation, where Bloom, who is incapacitated because of her own surgery, is going to have to perform surgery on someone else in an impaired state,” showrunner David Schulner previously told TVLine.

Elsewhere in the hospital, “Reynolds has a life-threatening surgery to perform during a lockdown, which is dangerous in itself,” Schulner previewed. “If they need blood, they’re not going to get it. If they need a general surgeon to scrub in, they’re not going to get it. So Reynolds has this entire surgery on his shoulders, coupled with the fact that the person Reynolds is operating on is the prisoner the inmates want to kill.” As for Max and Helen, they’re “dealing with the other prisoners and trying to figure out how to protect their staff, while at the same time dealing with the fallout of the escape.”

Press PLAY above to watch the sneak peek, then hit the comments with your thoughts on Bloom’s predicament!

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