America's Got Talent: The Champions Recap: A Surprise Return in Week 2! And WTF Is Simon Cowell Thinking?

Another week of America’s Got Talent: The Champions brought another series of questionable decisions made by the judges.

Howie Mandel was in possession of this week’s Golden Buzzer, and while I don’t blindly agree with every decision he makes (Hans!!!), I still believe in his right to choose. Sadly, Simon Cowell took that right from him midway through Monday’s episode, reaching across the table and slamming his hand down on the Golden Buzzer in support of — wait for it — Boogie Storm.

None of Cowell’s fellow judges understood his bizarre excitement over the dance group, which put on a Star Wars-themed performance this time around, making his theft of the buzzer all the more inconceivable. Don’t even get me started on Cowell’s nonsensical explanation for his decision: “I believe the Dark Side is the good side,” he said, adding that Boogie Storm is “one of the most original acts we’ve ever had.” Say what now?!

Along with Boogie Storm, the following acts were sent through to the semifinals by decree of the AGT super-fans: Marcelito Pomoy, who managed to crush both the male and female vocals in a powerful rendition of “The Prayer,” and Marc Spelmann, who not only blew the judges’ minds with a jaw-dropping card trick but also faked them out with a surprise guest — Shin Lim! (Editor’s note: Spellman gave the true Golden Buzzer audition of the night, and if he hadn’t made it through to the semifinals, I would be rioting in the streets right now.)

As is tradition, this week’s final semifinalist was chosen by the judges, who unanimously threw their support behind stand-up comedian Ryan Niemiller. Sadly, that meant it was the end of the road for Spencer Horsman, who risked his life to perform a dangerous escape trick from a water tank suspended high above the audience, and Luke Islam, who did Celine Dion proud with a lovely performance of “Ashes” from the Deadpool 2 soundtrack.

We also bade farewell to mentalist Oz Pearlman, who tried to appeal to the judges’ emotions by walking them through the best moments of their lives; Puddles Pity Party, who serenaded the audience with yet another depressing ballad (Foreigner’s “I Want to Know What Love Is”); Collabro, whose four-part performance of “Shadow” simply didn’t drive the judges Gaga; and Ben Blaque, whose potentially fatal act was X’d by the judges to ensure his safety. (“I genuinely believe we would have had our first death on this show,” Cowell said.)

Boogie Storm, Pomoy, Spellman and Niemiller join previously announced semifinalists Angelina Jordan, Duo Transcend, Dania Diaz and Hans. Click here for a closer look at all of this season’s semifinalists.

AGT fans, now that we’ve survived another week of The Champions, drop a comment with your thoughts below: Did Boogie Storm deserve the Golden Buzzer? And were the right acts sent through to the semifinals?