High School Musical Finale Recap: Did Season 1 End on a High Note?

High School Musical Recap

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series wrapped its first season on Friday with life-altering news, two long-awaited lip locks and more unexpected casting changes than The CW’s Dynasty reboot.

SPOILERS AHEAD… When the “curtains” rose for act two, EJ was ready to pick up where Ricky left off, but his dream of playing Troy Bolton became a total nightmare when he took the stage opposite Nini. Already on edge with a scout in the audience, Nini botched their first scene together, all but dooming the rest of the night.

Following an effective heart-to-heart with Gina, Ricky decided to watch the rest of the show from the sidelines, but his presence in the room proved too much for Nini — and EJ for that matter — to ignore. (Seriously, Miss Jenn needs to teach this kids to stop making eye contact with people in the audience!)

Giving new meaning to the song “Breaking Free,” EJ abandoned Nini in the middle of their big number, forcing her to pull Ricky back on stage to finish the duet. And finish it they did, earning a standing ovation… and perhaps… the start of something new?

Still on an emotional high from the most elaborate curtain call a high school musical has ever seen, Ricky finally told Nini that he loves her, landing a big ol’ kiss in the process. And just when Nini felt like she had her life under control, she was blindsided with an on-the-spot offer to enroll at the performing arts conservatory. (Congratulations, I guess?)

Also worth discussing…

* “Oh honey, just wait till you see what I picked for the spring musical,” Miss Jenn teased. But, oh honey, I’m more concerned about what will happen now that the principal knows she and Mr. Mazzara started the fire.

* We learned that the giant opening night bouquet was a gift from Big Red to Ashlyn, and although she didn’t quite have the words to thank him on the spot, she later kissed him under their own private spotlight. (Speaking of that last scene, I hope you listened to executive producer Tim Federle and watched the closing credits. Why has Big Red been hiding these tap-dancing skills?!)

* We also learned that EJ is the one who bought Gina’s last-minute plane ticket — and if Ashlyn’s mysterious plan pans out, Gina might not be saying goodbye to her East High family just yet.

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