God Friended Me Video: Miles Suspects Alias Vet Is Behind Almighty Account

Does the God account have roots in SD-6?! We jest, but it might actually be the brainchild of an Alias alum, as seen in TVLine’s exclusive video from this Sunday’s God Friended Me (CBS, 8/7c).

In the above scene, Carl Lumbly, aka Sydney Bristow’s mentor Marcus Dixon, guest-stars as Alphonse, the man who owns the insurance company from which all of Miles’ friend suggestions are coming. Since Miles’ father saved Alphonse’s life in Vietnam, he’s in town for Arthur’s nuptials to Trish, giving Miles the perfect opportunity to question Al and prove that he is behind the Almighty’s social media crusade. And the clues are certainly stacking up: Not only does Al listen to Miles’ podcast, but he also knows Simon Hayes and Henry Chase!

“Insurance is just my day job. My true passion is technology,” Al reveals to Miles, Joy and Rakesh. “I’ve been a silent investor in countless startups, including Henry and Simon’s first company. And I always hoped Simon and Henry would reconcile, though I knew it would take something extraordinary to make that happen.” (That sure looks like a knowing smile on his face, doesn’t it?)

Elsewhere in the episode, “Miles is surprised when the God account sends him the name of Trish’s daughter (The Carmichael Show‘s Amber Stevens West) on the eve of Arthur and Trish’s wedding,” per the official synopsis. Plus, “Ali receives important news,” which hopefully does not involve a health scare!

Press PLAY above to watch the sneak peek, then hit the comments with your theories!

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