Will & Grace Midseason Premiere Recap: Surrogate-Mommy Issues

will grace recap season 11 episode 6 demi lovato

In Thursday’s midseason premiere of Will & Grace, not one but two dreams came true: Will found the ideal surrogate mother for his baby-to-be, and Grace cast herself in the role that she (was so very sure) she was born to play. Read on, and we’ll recap the hell out of the who, what, where, when, why and how of it all.

will grace recap season 11 episode 6 demi lovato‘THANKS FOR THE BLOODY, MARY’ | As “Performance Anxiety” began, Jack noted that Will was in an especially good mood — and “I know it’s not from having sex or stepping on a scale.” Turned out, Will had found a “woman with a perfect uterus” to be his surrogate and was meeting her that very day. “So you have an egg donor, but this other woman is gonna carry your gay baby for nine months,” Karen summed up. “How much is making God cry going to cost you?” Despite her snark, she agreed to give Will a lift to Newburgh. “You can hold the steering wheel,” she said, “while I flash truckers.” Once they’d left, Jack and Grace discovered that AnnieCon was taking place. Though Grace had always wanted to play the little orphan, she said, even “my own mother said I wasn’t Annie material.” Ha — but she could easily pass herself off as a former Annie, Jack suggested, to get them into the sold-out event to meet guest of honor Sarah Jessica Parker. So, off they went.

will grace recap season 11 episode 6 demi lovato‘THINK HOW MUCH SKIN CANCER THERE IS IN THIS ROOM RIGHT NOW’ | “Oh my ginger!” Jack exclaimed when he and Grace arrived at AnnieCon. Immediately, he made a beeline for Sarah Jessica Parker, only to realize that oops… “it was just a ladder.” After picking up the nametag of one Ramona Delaney, Grace basked in the adulation that the beloved onetime Annie received… that is, until a woman named Molly McGann threw a glass of water in her face. Legend had it that years ago, when Ramona had been Molly’s understudy, she’d put tabasco sauce in her water in order to replace her during “Tomorrow.” Cut to: the announcement that Sarah Jessica Parker was running late since she didn’t believe that AnnieCon was a real thing, so someone else would have to sing the showstopper. At last, in a sing-off with Molly, Grace got to caterwaul to her heart’s content. “I’m never gonna come down from this high,” she told Jack… an instant before the actual Ramona arrived and threw a glass of water in her face.

will grace recap season 11 episode 6 demi lovato‘SO THEY GET ON AND GET OFF’ | Meanwhile, Will had no sooner arrived at the home of potential surrogate Jenny (guest star Demi Lovato) than he’d found out that she worked as a cam girl. Despite the fact that she was, as advertised, perfect, judging — So. Much. Judging. — commenced. In the end, he told her that he needed some time to think before deciding whether to hire her. Elsewhere in the apartment, Karen happened upon Jenny’s brother, Luke (Christopher Thornton). Informed that he was in a wheelchair because shrapnel from an IED had destroyed his C7 vertebra in Iraq three years ago, Karen cracked, “Well then, you must have been on vacation, because we liberated Iraq in 2003. Mission accomplished.” Soon, she discovered that he was “dry and bitter — two things I like in a drink and a man.” Sparks flew — to the point that he considered saying “something about taking cover in the bush… but you seem like a lady.” As if. “You’re a terrible judge of character,” Karen replied. With that, they got it on.

‘YOU WERE LOOKING AT HER LIKE SHE WAS WEARING ONE OF GRACE’S OUTFITS’ | Later, back at Will and Grace’s place with Karen, the dad-to-be convinced himself that maybe he could rescue Jenny from her shabby life by hiring her to bring a new life into the world. Just then, Jenny texted — she was passing on him. “Of course she is,” Karen told him. “You’re a snob.” When he pointed out that that was rich coming from her, she retorted, “Honey, everything’s rich coming from me.” That didn’t mean that she was wrong. So, armed with the new perspective that she’d gotten from her interaction with Luke, she called Will on his privileged BS, prompting him to return to Jenny’s to apologize. Lucky for him, she was so moved by his sincerity that she agreed to be his surrogate after all. So, what did you think of “Performance Anxiety”? Grade it in the poll below, then review away in the comments. Also, how sweet was the “Te Amo Mami” dedication at the end to the late Shelley Morrison.

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