Anne With an E Series Finale: Was That the 'Perfect Ending' You Hoped For?

Anne With An E

Spoiler alert: We’re about to discuss the final episode of Netflix’s Anne With an E. Haven’t streamed it yet? Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Life-changing events — including a long-awaited discovery and a highly anticipated kiss — abound in the final season of Anne With an E, now streaming on Netflix. And while frustrated fans continue to rail against the series’ cancellation on social media, at least they can take some comfort in knowing that the titular character’s story ends on a high note. After all, as Anne remarks to Diana at the top of the final hour, “If I could write the perfect ending to this chapter of our lives, it would be this!”

The third and final season ends with Anne saying goodbye to Green Gables and beginning a new life at Queen’s College, though her departure is marred by several major hiccups. Not only do Diana’s parents forbid her from joining Anne at school, but Matthew’s cavalier attitude makes Anne feel like he won’t even miss her when she’s gone. Fortunately, both issues are remedied by the end of the hour; Marilla convinces Diana’s parents to change their minds, and Matthew eventually admits just how heartbroken he really is to be losing Anne.

Marilla and Matthew also pay a visit to Mrs. Thomas, Anne’s previous guardian, who passes along a book full of vital information about Anne’s parents. For example, she learns that her mother — also a redhead! — was a teacher. “This book is the missing piece of the puzzle,” Anne tells the Cuthberts. “You gave me my wish. My birthday wish. My lifetime wish.”

As for the show’s romantic subplot, Gilbert begins the finale by ending his engagement to Winnie, much to her dismay and confusion. (“I’m being thrown over for an unrequited love? You won’t even settle for me! My God!”) He then confesses his love to Anne in a letter, but she’s so furious upon receiving it that she rips it intro shreds, allowing her to leave for Queens without any emotional hang-ups.

But when Diana learns that Gilbert has called off his engagement, she tells him about the letter Anne wrote — you know, the one he never read — which changes everything. Gilbert rushes to Anne’s new house, where he gives her the proper goodbye kiss she’s been hoping for, and they agree to write each other from a distance.

The finale even includes a happy — or at least somewhat hopeful — ending for Sebastian, who begrudgingly welcomes Elijah back into the family, reuniting him with his infant sister.

Anne With an E fans, were you satisfied by the show’s (admittedly abrupt) ending? Grade the series finale below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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